ROM Makerspace

Logo for ROM Makerspace

  • Connect with the ROM’s collection through experiential hands-on activities
  • Cultivate digital literacy through 3D printing, coding, and digital storytelling
  • Deepen personal appreciation and interpretation of objects from around the world through arts-based processes
  • Foster creative problem solving through design challenges focused around themes and topics at the Museum
  • Six students show off their tattoo designs on their arms
    From April to June 2016, Grade 6 to 12 students designed their own temporary tattoos inspired by the Tattoos: Ritual. Identity. Obsession. Art. exhibition.
  • A student draws on a piece of paper with a coin image open on her iPad
    For a March Break Camp 2016 pilot activity, students captured photos from around the Museum on iPads and used the images as reference for their tattoo designs.
  • Hundreds of tattoo designs on white paper are posted on a wall
    A wall in the ROM Makerspace showcases students’ tattoo designs.
  • Twenty one blue and yellow 3D printed objects that include pyramids and obelisks
    For another March Break Camp 2016 pilot activity, students 3D designed and printed sculptures or architecture inspired by the Museum’s Ancient Cultures collection.
  • Five students around a table trace flag applique designs onto fusible interfacing fabric
    On National Aboriginal Day on June 21, 2016, students designed appliqued flags in a workshop led by Red Pepper Spectacle Arts.

Launching in September 2016, this exciting space will be a principal learning hub at the ROM. Students will respond to the Museum’s collection and research through problem-based learning using digital technologies and arts-based processes.

Our mission is to support students in building personal and exploratory connections to the collection by encouraging innovation, collaboration, creativity, and inclusivity.

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