School Visits

Ways to experience the ROM

  • Hands-on learning in our labs
  • Guided Tours of our fascinating galleries
  • PLUS Self-Guided Visits to explore the ROM
  • Share your classroom connections, student work, questions, and visits with us @ROMLearning

Choose from the following experiential learning opportunities and book your visit today! School visits are open to summer schools, camps & similar groups too.

Before you visit, watch this video with your class or group to help them prepare for their guided visit or self-guided discovery.

Weekend bookings and groups outside of Ontario and Canada should book through Group Sales.

Guided Visits 

Guided Tour, Hands-on Lab, or Tour & Lab Combined: 90 minutes, $16/participant 

Connect your students to original objects and art from cultures throughout human history and specimens from the natural world through a guided tour of the ROM's comprehensive galleries led by our experienced teachers.  Touch real objects and specimens from our teaching collection and engage in a multi-sensory experience in our hands-on labs.  Students are encouraged to exercise their critical thinking and communication skills, and to collaborate in groups to exercise all their senses.

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Special Exhibitions

60 minutes $10/participant

March 13 - September 1, 2017

Out of the Depths:  The Blue Whale Story

Out of the Depths: The Blue Whale Story is a ROM original exhibition that retells the tragic story of 2014 and the unprecedented opportunity for research and conservation that resulted. Come face to face with the enormous eighty- foot skeleton of Blue, and discover the mind-blowing biology of blue whales; the humongous size of their heart, their unusual feeding behaviour, how they communicate and their evolution from land to sea. Find out how the ROM is studying their DNA to unlock some of the mysteries surrounding these large but elusive creatures, and gain insight into the global decline of the blue whale population and what is being done to protect the world’s largest animal…ever.

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Self-Guided Visits 

ROM Galleries: $8/participant

Explore the ROM's world-class galleries at your own pace and under the supervision of adult chaperones. Download and print our online Gallery Trails and use our GuidiGO app to help focus your students' attention and energy as they discover the treasures in our collection.

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Adult ESL

Guided Tour: 90 minutes, $16/participant 

Explore the ROM's world-class collection in a relaxed setting and use authentic objects, art, and specimens to encourage discussion tailored to your level of English proficiency.

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The ROM recognizes the diversity of our visitors’ abilities and needs, and we offer a variety of programs and services to ensure the accessibility of the Museum and its collections.