CIBC Discovery Gallery | Level 2

  • CIBC Discovery Gallery
    Try on costumes from many cultures and eras or recreate a pattern inspired by Islamic tiles as you travel Around the World in the themed area highlighting the ROM's world cultures collections.
  • CIBC Discovery Gallery
    Close to Home highlights the cultural and natural world within Canada. Try on a buffalo robe based on an original painted by Running Rabbit, or even crawl inside a kid-sized tipi.
  • CIBC Discovery Gallery
    Dig for dinosaur bones, examine 505-million-year-old fossils and more in the themed area In the Earth, which highlights the ROM's natural history collections.
  • CIBC Discovery Gallery
    Smells like? The gallery features many hands-on activities that allow you not only to touch, but to smell!

A dedicated kids' zone for learning fun.

Bring your young ones and enter a world of activity and learning, all in a dedicated gallery that's safe and fun. Drawing on the ROM's collections and with trained facilitators close by, curious young minds journey through three themed and interactive areas filled with touchable artifacts and specimens. Try on costumes, dig for dinosaur bones, and examine specimens such as fossils and meteorites. Pre-schoolers have their own special area, too, with puzzles, toys and costumes to try on.

About the Gallery


The gallery is a safe and fun learning environment geared to younger children. Note: stroller parking is available. Stroller access may be restricted during peak periods. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.


The gallery is divided into three themed activity areas: In the Earth, Around the World, and Close to Home, each offering activities to engage children based on ROM collections and research.


Artifacts and specimens from prehistory to the present are represented.


ROM Staff

Dr. Deepali Dewan, 2013. Photo Thy Phu.

Curatorship of South Asian Visual Culture (Senior Curator)

Assistant Curator (Retired)

Authored by: Noman Siddiqui