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Volunteer Application Form

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us! The following questions will help us assess your suitability for the position of Volunteer Facilitator. Please answer all of the questions and send the completed application by clicking the "Submit" button at the bottom of this page.

Filming/Photography Form

If you are a media outlet, student, blogger or documentarian and you would like to request to shoot video of ROM experts, galleries or objects, please fill out this form. NOTE: This form is not for producers or scouts seeking permission/access to use ROM as a location. Location requests can be

How to enter

Send us the strangest, most bizarre, dinosaur you can imagine. Its features and appearance may come from your imagination, or from real life, or from something you’ve learned in the ROM’s Ultimate Dinosaurs exhibition, or all three. Give him or her some unusual characteristics and tell us how

Of Africa: Application Form

Site-specific artistic intervention at the Royal Ontario Museum SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Wednesday, September 10, 2014 The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto is excited to invite artists of African heritage to submit a proposal for an original artwork to be featured in the Wilson Canadian Heritage

Where Do You Belong?

Show Us Where You Belong What makes you feel like you are part of a group, a community, a nation? What makes you feel out of place? What makes you feel like you are part of where you happen to live? Do you belong in one place or can you belong in many? Belonging—in a place or in a group—means

Le sentiment d’appartenance

Votre sentiment d’appartenance en images Vous sentez-vous membre d’un groupe, d’une communauté, d’une nation? Vous sentez-vous de trop? Vous sentez-vous chez vous là où vous habitez? Vous sentez-vous à votre place dans un seul ou plusieurs endroits? Le sentiment d’appartenance – à

Game Jam 2016 Registration Form

The ROM Game Jam has returned for its fourth consecutive year! Participants will be challenged to create digital games that animate the museum's future permanent gallery: Dawn of Life. Pre-Game Jam Behind the Scenes Workshop Sunday, Sept. 11. afternoon (likely 1:00 pm- 4:00 pm) This is a great

Formulaire pour des tournages et la prise de photos

Si vous représentez un média ou si vous êtes un étudiant, un blogueur ou un documentariste et que vous souhaitez filmer des experts du ROM, des galeries ou des artefacts ou spécimens du ROM, veuillez remplir ce formulaire. REMARQUE : Ce formulaire n'est pas destiné aux producteurs ou