Visitor Information

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is among the world’s leading museums of natural history and world cultures. In combining a universal museum of cultures with that of natural history, the ROM offers an unusual breadth of experience to our audiences from around the world. We realize more acutely now that nature and humanity are intertwined, and the ROM offers many examples in its collections and programs of these fundamental relationships.

The ROM invites everyone to explore and enjoy extraordinary experiences of science and civilization at the Museum, online and through our various outreach programs. We strive to bring you insights into how the earth and its cultures have evolved, and how the changes we face today will shape the world we’ll live in tomorrow.

On this website, you have access to information about our exhibitions and galleries, our research activities, and details about what’s on at the Museum. You will also find information about our restaurants, stores and rental services for ROM facilities after hours.

As well, learn more about the ROM through ROM Channel, featuring videos about our collections and research around the world.

The ROM offers a unique platform to the engage the worlds of culture and the environment at the centre of one of North America’s great cities. We look forward to meeting you here, and to sharing the adventures of this place, with all its treasures.

Authored by: Noman Siddiqui