And There Be Dinosaurs.........

It was the late 80's early 90's and dinosaurs were everywhere. TV shows, cereal boxes, toys - you name it. Most importantly, there was an exhibit at the ROM which coincided with treasures on display from King Tut's tomb.

Unexpected Lesson

The ROM tour had come to an end. My grade seven classmates and I descended to the lower level to collect our winter coats and galoshes. At the bottom of the stairs, I saw a skull, sitting rather haphazardly on a small stand in the hallway.

My Second Home

I've been lucky enough to experience the ROM as a visitor, volunteer and staff member over the last almost 30 years of my life.

Life revelation across from the ROM

For over a quarter century of my life I have been misunderstood and one day a social worker suggested that I be checked out for suspicion of a condition called "Asperger's Syndrome".

A ROM love story

My fiancée, Raj, and I met through mutual friends and immediately began getting to know each other. We found that biggest thing we had in common was our love for history, so naturally we thought to go to the ROM for our first date.

A Different Light during the Toronto Blackout

During the Summer of 2003, those of us in the Asian section of the Royal Ontario Museum hosted a special visitor from India: the leader of a school of Tibetan Buddhism, one of several schools from the mountainous region of the Himalayas.

drawing of maiasaur

The ROM is "Ours"

For many years, the ROM was our second home. We seemed to be there almost every weekend. As each of our children were born, they were just put in the stroller and off we went. The ROM was a very comfortable place to be.

Golden statue on white background

Great Influence

I am a pagan.

I believe in and follow the old gods, most especially the gods of ancient Greece.

The Multiplicity of Possible Voices

In the opinion of Dan Rahimi, the ROM as an institution has evolved. He uses the example of a new book to illustrate what the future can bring.

How Exhibits Speak to Us

If you've ever wondered about how galleries and exhibitions are put together, you can listen to a seasoned professional explain....

Jericho skull on black background

Artifacts that Speak

Dan Rahimi answers the question "Are there parts of the Museum that speak to you"?

stone tool on the diagonal

A Family Heirloom

As a young lad, I received a family heirloom from my mother.  It was a smooth stone tool, greenish in colour, that looked like some sort of chisel.  My mother told me that my grandfather had dug the item up while turning over the soil in

A Place to Celebrate and Share

Tatyana Vukovic spreads the word after her first visit. She is part of a project launched in November 2013 called Explore150.

a boy draws in the gallery


This is one of my favourite images. We don't have a date or a name. To me, it conveys perfectly the connection with objects that we can foster. 

MUSEUM (poem)

I believe museums should be about affectivity -- that one should be able to simultaneously 'lose' oneself and connect to something larger. Here's a poem I wrote on the subject that I am pleased to share in honour of ROM ReCollects: