government relations

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Approval to Begin is Secured

Approval for cost-sharing between the University and the Government of Ontario means that construction can begin.

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Bill 138: A home for culture and science

On April 16, 1912, Bill 138 formally establishing the ROM received Royal Assent to “provide a home for culture and science under the same academical roof”. Press coverage was slight owing to the sinking of the Titanic.

Evolving Governance

A new Royal Ontario Museum Act increases the size of the Board of Trustees and moves the control and budget entirely to the University of Toronto as a department.

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James Cruise, Director 1975 - 85

James Cruise is appointed Director.  A botanist, he has been recruited from the University of Toronto. For the next decade, he oversees physical expansion and a new mission that is captioned “Meaningful Survival”.

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Streamlining, Budget woes, Celebrating

A major organisational change results in three streams: curatorial; education and communication; and administration and facilities. Finance Committee at Queen ‘s Park calls senior managers to explain cost overruns.