History Within History

As a summer project, Vanessa Minke-Martin created a six minute history of the ichthyology collections at the ROM. It features interviews and field trip footage.

Under Our Noses

This is the story of how a new curator, David Evans, found the amazing barosaurus, which we named Gordo (for the curator, Gord Edmund, who had received it in the 60's). 

Brian Musselwhite at a table

What Curators Do

Brian Musslewhite joined the ROM as a young man. One of his first tasks was to keep the period rooms clean. They were not glassed in as they are today and there was always debris.

four men with ROM flag

The snake

Some years ago, I was taking part in a ROM programme called ( I think) My Favourite Object.

An Important Benefactor

Louise Hawley Stone donates $2 million to endow a permanent curatorial position, a chair in Far Eastern Art named for her. (In 2013 there are 8 endowed curatorships)