Friends! Registrars! Hand me that ear!

While a student in the University of Toronto's Museum Studies Master's program in 1996-8, I had an internship in the West Asian collections with Bill Pratt, assisting him with an inventory of the Egyptology collections.

Keaton Smith in the Dinosaur Gallery

Keaton Smith's ROM Inspiration

Do you ever wonder what happens behind the scenes at the Royal Ontario Museum? In February 2012, my family and I were given a behind-the-scenes tour of the museum by one of the paleontologists who works there.

Lake trout against black background

The Toronto Junior Field Naturalist Club

I was a member of the TJFNC through the '60s. Our meetings took place in the theatre and spread out from there to the unexplored back rooms that contained the really good stuff.

Centennial Focus

Janet Carding describes what next year can mean to the role of the ROM in Toronto.

The ROM's Prize Bulldog

Most of our domestic dogs came from Toronto families, but Bungy had a different background. (See also "Curator's Work")

man beside tent in Egypt

First ROM Employee

Charles Trick Currelly is appointed a collector for the University of Toronto at $500/year salary.

side portrait of man against dark background

George Crofts and the Chinese collections

One day, Currelly was showing a distinguished visitor around at the end of the day. Thus he missed another caller, who left a card. Seeing the name of George Crofts on that card, Currelly tracked him to the King Edward Hotel.

portrait of man in clerical collar

Bishop William White

Bishop William White of Honan calls on Currelly. For the next decade they work to build the collections – from early bronzes to the great wall paintings in the gallery named after him.

plaque honouring a donor

J. H. Fleming, Ornithologist Extraordinaire

J. H. Fleming dies. He has had office space at the ROM since the 20s, when he willed his ornithological collection to the Museum.