Eternal Issues

Janet Carding reflects on issues specific to the ROM, especially space and growth.

Timelapse of the Renaissance ROM Project

This timelapse takes the project from demolition to opening. 

illuminated scene of Crystal on opening night

Opening Ceremony

The crystal opens. 40, 000 people walk through empty space, which is then closed for the installation of galleries.

steel beam against white sky

Raising the Last Beam

Staff, volunteers, workers, and the architect sign the last steel beam to be put in place.

Terrace Galleries facing Bloor St

Another Reopening

At a cost of $56 million, the ROM is ready to reopen. The public are displeased to find that much of the increased gallery space is empty.

bird's eye view of building

The View from 'Home'

ROM was one of my favorite haunts growing up in the '60's. Dad was executive manager of the Park Plaza Hotel across the street, and we lived on the 11th floor of the south wing.

colour portrait of man against brown background

Approval to Begin is Secured

Approval for cost-sharing between the University and the Government of Ontario means that construction can begin.

image of house with building in background

A New Wing

Argyle House is demolished. Construction begins. The new wing had been in the original plan, and it was hoped that a later phase would fill in the additional spaces between old and new buildings.

man with hard hat at mic

James Cruise, Director 1975 - 85

James Cruise is appointed Director.  A botanist, he has been recruited from the University of Toronto. For the next decade, he oversees physical expansion and a new mission that is captioned “Meaningful Survival”.