interior shot of gallery

The Prehistory of the ROM

Before there was a ROM, there were museum buildings and collections in Toronto. The Provincial Museum (you can see its facade on the Ryerson University campus) had three parts: archaeology, biology and fine art.

building under construction

Moving In

Currelly moves into basement even before the roof is completed and begins to unpack material he has collected in Europe and Egypt.

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Bill 138: A home for culture and science

On April 16, 1912, Bill 138 formally establishing the ROM received Royal Assent to “provide a home for culture and science under the same academical roof”. Press coverage was slight owing to the sinking of the Titanic.

man emerging from car with others greeting him

Doors Open

March 19, 1914 is ROM's official opening day.

Currelly as a young man

"Carlo" (Charles Trick Currelly) meets important people

When I was appointed to the ROM Library in 1983, I began exploring the archives to learn about the people who had built the Museum. Among the special collections was one for the first director of the ROM of Archaeology. He was a messy man.