Earliest Memories

Visiting the ROM was probably my first childhood memory, and as far as I know it's what got me hooked on history. From the perspective of a three year old, the place was massive.

Hatching Dinosaurs and Hitler's Henchmen

My kids, now almost 3 and 5, have grown up in the ROM.

bat poster on blue background

Fear Factor

Bats, snakes, spiders… some of the most interesting things at the ROM take a little getting used to. I’ll never forget the visitor who came to the museum to address her chiroptophobia (fear of bats).

Friends! Registrars! Hand me that ear!

While a student in the University of Toronto's Museum Studies Master's program in 1996-8, I had an internship in the West Asian collections with Bill Pratt, assisting him with an inventory of the Egyptology collections.

man and woman unwrapping a mummy

Scary Mummy

About 1946, when I was 2 years old, my Grandparents were babysitting me in Toronto while my mother was expecting a baby. My Granddad took me to the ROM for the first time.

view upwards to bats on ceiling

Bats We Know and Love

Many things come and go in our lives--our clothes, our exercise routines, our favourite TV shows-- but the ROM will always be a part of my life. There were bursting bus school trips in the late 1960s and 1970s.

Things That Cough in the Night

After the Planetarium layoffs, some staff found other positions in the ROM. One woman who had been a greeter became a Security Officer. She had to do the lonely midnight shift, making the rounds in a dark and empty museum.