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The Toast Of The Town

During one of the coldest winter seasons this 2013-14 our family braved the elements and decided to collectively journey over to our most beloved attraction in Toronto: The Royal Ontario Museum.

Crimson Rotunda magazine cover

A "ReCollection" of the Collections

In response to the question in ROM Magazine’s Winter 2013/2014 issue (page 14) regarding whether anyone took Peter C. Swann’s advice to preserve their copies of the bulletin: Yes, I did.

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Great Influence

I am a pagan.

I believe in and follow the old gods, most especially the gods of ancient Greece.

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A quarter of a century after leaving the ROM, I realised a dream that began soon after I arrived there. It was to publish at last the beautiful and informative book the Museum's stupendous Chinese collection deserves.

The Multiplicity of Possible Voices

In the opinion of Dan Rahimi, the ROM as an institution has evolved. He uses the example of a new book to illustrate what the future can bring.