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American Ornithologists’ Union - Collection about the American Ornithologists’ Union - SC74

Anderson, Robert Thomas, 1878-1903 - R.T. Anderson’s journal of fish and bird observations - SC14 [University of Toronto Library record] [Archives Canada record]

Armstrong, C. W. - C. W. Armstrong’s scrapbook - SC15 [University of Toronto Library record]

Atkinson, George E., 1870-1913 - George E. Atkinson’s bird inventory - SC66


Baldwin, Lawrence H., 1862- - L.H. Baldwin’s journal of nature records - SC16 [University of Toronto Library record]

Barratt, Frederick Henry, 1918-1939 - Frederick Henry Barratt’s bird sightings journal - SC17 [University of Toronto Library record] [Archives Canada record]

Beacham, Derek - Derek Beacham fonds - SC90

Beaupre, Edwin, 1873-1930 - Edwin Beaupre fonds - SC18 [University of Toronto Library record] [Archives Canada record]

Bell, Garnet S. - Garnet S. Bell fonds - SC60

Beny, Roloff, 1924-1984 - Collection about Roloff Beny - SC101

Bethune, Charles James Stewart, 1838-1932 - Charles J.S. Bethune’s catalogue of moths and butterflies - SC117

Bleakney, John Sherman, 1928-  - Sherman J. Bleakney fonds - SC114

Boggs, O. D. - O.D. Boggs fonds - SC19 [University of Toronto Library record] [Archives Canada record]

Boyle, David, 1842-1911 - David Boyle fonds - SC1 [University of Toronto Library record] [Dictionary of Canadian Biography]

Brett, Elizabeth - Elizabeth Brett fonds - SC144

Brodie Club - Brodie Club fonds - SC20

Brodie, William Norman, 1831-1909 - William Brodie fonds - SC20A [Dictionary of Canadian Biography]

Brown, Hubert Hartfield, 1870-1951 - Hubert H. Brown fonds - SC21 [Archives Canada record]

Burnham, Dorothy K., 1911-2004 - Dorothy Burnham collection of ROM history records - SC131


Cain, Roy Franklin, 1906- - R.F. Cain fonds - SC137

Carrick, William H. - William.H. Carrick fonds - SC142

Coleman, Arthur Philemon, 1852-1939 - A.P. Coleman fonds - SC22

Couper, William, d. ca. 1890 - William Couper’s egg collection catalogue - SC23 [Archives Canada record] [Dictionary of Canadian Biography]

Cranmer-Byng, Jack, 1919-1999 - John L. Cranmer-Byng scrapbook - SC153

Crofts, George, 1872-1924 - George Crofts’s manuscript - SC159

Crosby, John Alexander, 1925- - John A. Crosby’s bird sighting records - SC24 [Archives Canada record]

Crossman, Edwin John, 1929-2003 - Ed Crossman fonds - SC112

Cruise, James Edwin - James Cruise - SC143

Cunerty, Thomas - Thomas Cunerty’s bird sighting journal - SC25

Currelly, Charles Trick, 1876-1957 - Collection about C.T. Currelly - SC3 [University of Toronto Library record]


Dagan, Esther A., 1931- - Esther Amrad Dagan fonds - SC163

Deacon, Edward J., d. 1946 - Edward J. Deacon fonds - SC26 [Archives Canada record]

Dearness, John, 1852-1954 - John Dearnesss correspondence - SC59

Dennison, Russell - Russell Dennison fonds - SC108

Devitt, Otto Edmund, 1904-1992 - Otto Edmund Devitt fonds - SC85

Dickson, Horatio Henry Lovat, 1902-1987 - H. Lovat Dickson fonds - SC75

Dippie, George Frederick, 1873-1935 - George Frederick Dippie fonds - SC27 [Archives Canada record]

Drake, Theodore George Harwood, 1891-1959 - T.G.H. Drake fonds - SC156

Dymond, John Richardson, 1887-1965 - J.R. Dymond fonds - SC71


Edmund, A. Gordon - Gordon Edmund fonds - SC146

Elliott, Emily - Emily Elliott collection of natural history plates - SC124

Elliott, O. C. - O.C. Elliott fonds - SC9 [University of Toronto Library record]

Elliott, Robert, 1858-1902 - Robert Elliott fonds - SC28 [Archives Canada record]

Elton, Charles Sutherland, 1900-1991 - Charles Elton fonds - SC98


Farley, Francis La Grange, 1870-1949 - Frank L. Farley fonds - SC150 [Archives Canada record]

Federation of Ontario Naturalists - Federation of Ontario Naturalists collection - SC61

Fernald, Helen Elizabeth, 1891-1964 - Helen Fernald’s manuscript on Chinese tomb figures at the ROM - SC4 [Archives Canada record]

Fleming, James Henry, 1872-1940 - James Henry Fleming fonds - SC29

Fritz, Madeleine Alberta, 1896-1990 - Madeleine A. Fritz fonds - SC132


Garnier, John Hutchison, 1823-1898 - John Hutchison Garnier fonds - SC80 [Dictionary of Canadian Biography]

Great Lakes Ornithological Club - Great Lakes Ornithological Club fonds - SC30


Hahn, Paul, 1875-1962 - Paul Hahn fonds - SC63

Hahn, Sylvia, 1911-2001 - Collection about Sylvia Hahn - SC70

Hand, Mary V. R. - Mary V.R. Hand’s drawings of the Sir Henry Pellatt Collection of Arms and Armour - SC119 [Archives Canada record]

Harcum, Cornelia G., 1884-1927 - Collection about Cornelia Harcum - SC10 [University of Toronto Library record]

Harrington, Paul, 1898-1966 - Paul Harrington fonds - SC31 [Archives Canada record]

Hecken, Dorothea - Dorothea Hecken collection of ROM history papers - SC73

Herzberg, Louise - Louise Herzberg fonds - SC94

Hincks, William, 1794-1871 - William Hincks’ catalogue of specimens - SC32 [Archives Canada record] [Dictionary of Canadian Biography]

Home, Ruth Mabel, 1900- - Ruth M. Home’s correspondence - SC5 [University of Toronto Library record]

Hope, Clifford Ernest, 1910-1953 - Clifford E. Hope fonds - SC33 [Archives Canada record]

Horne, Charles, 1824-1872 - C. Horne’s journal - SC34 [University of Toronto Library record] [Archives Canada record]

Hose, Charles, 1863-1929 - Charles Hose’s manuscript for ‘The Birds of Borneo’ - SC35 [Archives Canada record]

Howitt, Henry - Henry Howitt fonds - SC36 [Archives Canada record]

Hunter, E. R. - E.R. Hunter’s bird sightings journal - SC37 [Archives Canada record]


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Jackson, John L. - John L. Jackson’s bird nests and eggs journal - SC38 [Archives Canada record]

Johansen, Fritz - Fritz Johansen fonds - SC67


Kerr, Frederick - Kerr family fonds - SC39

Kerr, John W. - Kerr family fonds - SC39

Kidd, Kenneth E., 1906-1994 - Collection about Kenneth E. Kidd - SC120

Krug, John Christian, 1938-2005 - John C. Krug fonds - SC136


Lancaster, Harold - Harold Lancaster fonds - SC145

Lemon, Roy Richard Henry, 1927- - R.R.H. Lemon fonds - SC138

Lloyd, Hoyes - Hoyes Lloyd fonds - SC93

Logier, Eugene Bernard Shelley, 1893-1979 - E.B.S. Logier collection of sketches - SC72


MacLean, Margaret, 1871-1931 - Margaret MacLean’s journal - SC6 [University of Toronto Library record]

MacNamara, Charles, 1870-1944 - Charles MacNamara’s manuscript “Beaver Tectonics” - SC65

Martin, Ella N. - Ella N. Martin fonds - SC82

Martin, Wilfred H. - Wilfred H. Martin fonds - SC42 [Archives Canada record]

McGowan, Christopher, 1942- - Christopher McGowan fonds - SC139

McIlwraith, Thomas, 1824-1903 - Thomas McIlwraith’s bird catalogue - SC151 [Dictionary of Canadian Biography]

McIlwraith, Thomas Forsyth, 1899-1964 - Thomas McIlwraith’s bird catalogue - SC151

McIntyre, Harold V. - Harold McIntyre fonds - SC41 [Archives Canada record]

Meens, Victor B. - Victor B. Meens fonds - SC92

Menzies, James Mellon, 1885-1957 - James Menzies fonds - SC113

Millman, Joseph, 1911-1966 - Joseph Millman fonds - SC106

Montgomery, Henry, 1849-1919 - Henry Montgomery fonds - SC7 [University of Toronto Library record]

Munro, James Alexander, 1884-1958 - James A. Munro fonds - SC43

Mycological Society of Ontario - Mycological Society of Ontario fonds - SC64


Nash, Charles William, 1848-1926 - C.W. Nash fonds - SC44 [Archives Canada record]

Nasmith, Eric - Eric Nasmith fonds - SC121

Natural History Society of Toronto - Natural History Society of Toronto collection - SC45

Nelson, Daniel A. - Daniel Nelson fonds - SC149

North, George Webster, 1910-1983 - George Webster North fonds - SC158


Ontario Federation of Anglers - Ontario Federation of Anglers fonds - SC130

Ontario Nest Records Scheme - Ontario Nest Records Scheme fonds - SC91


Parks, William Arthur, 1868-1936 - W.A. Parks fonds - SC46

Peake, Cecil B. - Cecil B. Peake fonds - SC88

Pellatt, Henry Mill, Sir, 1859-1939 - Mary V.R. Hand’s drawings of the Sir Henry Pellatt Collection of Arms and Armour - SC119

Peterson, Randolph Lee, 1920-1989 - Randolf L. Peterson fonds - SC84

Phillips-Conn, T. H. M. - T.H.M. Phillips-Conn fonds - SC164

Pratt, D. Lorne - Collection about D. Lorne Pratt - SC126



Reid, George Agnew, 1860-1947 - Collection about Georges A. Reid - SC105

Renison, William - William Renison fonds - SC140

Richards, Harold - Harold Richards fonds - SC81

Riotte, Jules Charles Emile, 1901-2000 - Father J.C.E. Riotte fonds - SC8 [University of Toronto Library record]

Royal Ontario Museum - ROM Time Capsule 1981 - SC109

Royal Ontario Museum. Saturday Morning Club - Saturday Morning Club collection - SC99

Russell, Loris Shano, 1904-1998 - Loris S. Russell fonds - SC115


Samuel, John Hughes - John Hughes Samuel fonds - SC152

Samuel, Sigmund, 1867-1962 - Collection about Sigmund Samuel - SC69

Sargent, T. J. - T.J. Sargent fonds - SC96

Saunders, Richard Merrill, 1904- - Richard M. Saunders fonds - SC86

Saunders, William Edwin, 1861-1943 - Saunders family fonds - SC47

Schaefer, Glen - Schaefer family fonds - SC134

Schaefer, William H. - Schaefer family fonds - SC134

Shortt, Terence Michael, 1911-1986 - Terry M. Shortt fonds - SC49

Snyder, Lester Lynne, 1894-1968 - L.L. Snyder fonds - SC50

Soper, Joseph Dewey, 1893-1982 - Joseph Dewey Soper fonds - SC122

Stewart, B. H. - B.H. Stewart plates - SC133

Stone, Louise Hawley, 1904-1997 - Collection about Louise Hawley Stone - SC87

Swinton, William Elgin, 1900-1994 - W.E. Swinton fonds - SC95


Taverner, Percy Algernon, 1875-1947 - P.A. Taverner fonds - SC51

Thompson, Stuart L., 1885-1961 - Stuart L. Thompson fonds - SC52

Toronto Ornithological Club - Toronto Ornithological Club fonds - SC83 [TOC record]

Toronto Ornithological Field Group - Toronto Ornithological Field Group fonds - SC54

Townson, John, 1856-1934 - John Townson fonds - SC55 [Archives Canada record]


Ussher, Richard Davy, 1904-1989 - Richard Davy Ussher fonds - SC89



Walker, Edmund Murton, 1877-1969 - Collection about Edmund M. Walker - SC13 [University of Toronto Library record] [The Canadian Encyclopedia]

Walmsley, Lewis Calvin, 1897-1989 - Lewis C. Walmsley fonds - SC11 [University of Toronto Library record]

Waltho, Edmund William - E.W. Waltho fonds - SC56 [Archives Canada record]

Weil, Marianne - Marianne Weil collection - SC118

White, Edward F.G., 1870-1960 - Edward F.G. White fonds - SC57

White, William Charles, 1873-1960 - Bishop William Charles White fonds - SC12 [University of Toronto Library record]

Wiggins, Glenn B., 1927-2013 - Glenn Wiggins fonds - SC141

Williams, John Bickerton, 1858-1916 - J.B. Williams fonds - SC58 [Archives Canada record]

Williams, Richard Sugden, 1834-1906 - R.S. Williams fonds - SC103 [Dictionary of Canadian Biography]

Wilmot, Samuel, 1822-1899 - Samuel Wilmot’s letterbook - SC62 [Dictionary of Canadian Biography]




Ziegert, Beate - Beate Ziegert fonds - SC162

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Collection about early naturalists - SC76

Collection about naturalists’ associations, societies - SC77

Field naturalists small files - SC100

Botanical and ornithological prints collection - SC104

Egyptian diary [1859?] - SC107

Collection of portraits of significant people - SC128



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