Charles Trick Currelly | Level 1

  • Archival image of the 1960s exhibition. Black and white
    This exhibition was originally displayed at the Royal Ontario Museum in the late 1960s.

Open until August 9, 2015
Daphne Cockwell Gallery of Canada, First Peoples, Level 1

Today Charles Trick Currelly is known as the ROM’s first Director of Archaeology, but in his youth he was a clergyman, travelling to Central Manitoba as part of the Methodist ministry.  Originally displayed in late 1960s, this biographical exhibition showcases the moccasins, leggings, buckskin jackets, snowshoes, guncase, and capote he wore during this period of his life. 

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OntarioOCAF: Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund


Arni Brownstone

Assistant Curator (Plains Indian Culture)


Comment by Leslie Hall

Just a bit frustrated by your website. I will be in Toronto on October 1st and want to know what exhibitions are on at that time. I find start dates and no end dates for upcoming exhibitions.