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An alphabetical list of the Museum Archives' Special Collections holdings has been added to the Museum Archives page. It includes links to detailed descriptions of the collections where available.

Acquisitions Highlights

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2015 January/February:

Prints & DrawingsVisions from the forestsFashion victimsParis 1650-1900 Quand Versailles était meublé d'argent Atlas of crustacean larvaeHadrosaursMeiga o kiriAmphibian evolutionPlumes and pearlshells Selling silksIreland's generous natureWhen the Greeks ruled EgyptPoisonAlexander WilsonWhen is a flower not a flowerReshaping Toronto's WaterfrontCourtly visionsThe Plains war bonnetProtecting the cultural heritage of CyprusArt DecoWoodpeckers of the worldLa ville de KermaBus StopDouglas CouplandResplendent dressJack BushEnchanted lines

2014 December:

Arts And Crafts embroideryEaton's : the trans-Canada storeDinosaur paleobiologyHath-kaghazThe museum experience revisitedEmpire of CottonThis is our lifeHistory of lifeReclaiming the DonThe self-portraitImpressionism in CanadaA perpetual fireYo kai zu fuThe birds of Costa RicaWildlife Photographer of th eyars 2014Le Japon du fil des saisonsExploring the world of the vikingsThe architectural heritage of DelhiMiracle at the ForksPainting circlesOur ice is vanishingNative art of the northwest coastShifting sandsEroticism in Pompeii

2014 October/November:

 Anarchy & beauty : William Morris and his legacy, 1860-1960 /  Anarchy & beautyArchitectural TilesBright Lights in the Dark AgesHerculaneumChi O OyoguMacdonald at 200The evolutions of insect mating systemsA window on eternityEdo kaleidoscopeNarwhalsPaintings in the laboratoryPlants and their applicationsAssyria to IberiaFrench Art DecoPlanet of the bugsThe power of the femaleThe manly art of knittingThe great fossil enigmaTurquerieHandbook of sustainability and fashionRe-presenting disabilityThe Biba yearsWho's who in fashionThe wild cat bookThe lesser horseshoe bat in IrelandMaster shipbuilders of Newfoundland and LabradorThe architecture of Andrew Thomas TaylorAmerican quiltsBritish milkcapsOtters of the world

2014.10.02 posting:

Walden warmingTrilobites of the worldSir Ambrose HealGreat war fashionThe passenger pigeonSpiders of BorneoArt Nouveau fashionThe culture of the seven years warScottish goldSeed to seedThe Plains IndiansBumble beesA message from MarthaLa beaute du corps dans l'antiquite grecqueField guide to the dragonflies of Britain and EuropePrinted textilesHaws: a guide to hawthorns of the southeastern United StatesIn the footsteps of the Group of SevenWomen beauty and fashionUrban antsCosmopolitanism in the Tang DynastyArt of turquoiseNorthern Plains shield bearing warriorsLadies' dress accessoriesJ. Fenwick LansdowneArt & energyInto the light: the paintings of William Blair BruceThe objects of experienceIn with the old: classic décor from A to ZThe many faces of NefertitiCambrian ocean worldBackroad craft: fine craft in Grey & Bruce CountiesExposed: a history of lingerieBeauty beyond natureRoman in the provinces: art on the periphery of Empire

2014.08.12 posting:

Swords and swordsmenEcology and evolution of dung beetlesThe book of symbolsGolden visions of DensatilCoatsHeroic AfricansField Guide to butterflies of OntarioSilver Treasures from the land of ShebaHatsDinosaurs and other ReptilesInside the museumHomology, genes and evolutionary innovationThe Jewish wardrobeThe dawn of Egyptian artLe decorateur et l'amateur d'artMexican textilesVincennes and early sevres porcelainThe mythology of plantsLes vases de sevresBeetles of eastern North AmericaMasterpieces of Chinese paintingsHistory of ChromolithographyCelts in the AmericasArts of NigeriaFashion VictimsBirds of paradiseAncient lives new discoveriesThomas Bewick

2014.07.08 posting:

Entire city projectExemplary women of early ChinaVery vintageUrban explorationsFirst brushEgyptian RenaissanceV&ATrilobite bookSilk and colourTreasures from KoreaFluid preservationCurating biocultural collectionsMammals of AustraliaChang Chao tangTracks & signsDoreCincinnati silverVesalius at 500Origins of Italian fashionUnder a green skyCollecting textilesNature of empiresSafari CompanionSharksAnatolian carpetsEarly Palaeozoic BiogeographyBotanic chicEmperor Huizong