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ROM Magazine features an engaging, in-depth look into the Museum’s exhibitions, research, and collections. Highlighting world-leading scholarship, new initiatives, and recent acquisitions, the magazine brings to life some of the Museum’s most exciting and fascinating stories.

The little bear that charmed readers around the world

Illustration of vampires from popular culture.

From Count von Count to Edward Cullen: A look at the immortal bloodsucker that has evolved alongside us

Older than dinosaurs, we look at the bloodfeeding sea lampreys that have survived four major extinction periods

Outstanding collection comes out of the vaults for the second time in nearly 100 years

Fahmida Suleman.

Curator Fahmida Suleman discusses the significance of the ROM’s Islamic Arts collection

New ROM-original exhibition explores the science and legends around bloodfeeding

ROM palaeontologists discover Cambroraster, a voracious new Cambrian predator

A closer look at the dubious medical practice from the early 19th century

Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloweentown.

Why horror is the genre for our times

An ivory panel, made for the Imperial Court, on display at the ROM

Proximity to the Soufrière Hills volcano has had a dramatic impact on the bats of Montserrat

The vampire bat gets its name from shared traits with one of folklore’s most feared monsters

Graphic illustrating linking forms.

Why are vampire bats the only mammals that are obligate blood feeders?

Mosquito fogging in countryside of Penang, Malaysia.

The biology of mosquitoes and the diseases they transmit

Rembrandt van Rijn, Portrait of Aeltje Uylenburgh.

Uncovering the hidden details of Dutch art

Piece of forked wood.

A white oak tree witnessed history in the making at Burlington Bay in the 17th century

Where the ROM’s paintings live when not on display

One of the few minerals that form in bio-microsystems, such large and transparent crystals are few and far between