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ROM Magazine features an engaging, in-depth look into the Museum’s exhibitions, research, and collections. Highlighting world-leading scholarship, new initiatives, and recent acquisitions, the magazine brings to life some of the Museum’s most exciting and fascinating stories.

Deepali Dewan with her dog Tipsy on a wicker garden chair.

ROM Curator Deepali Dewan contemplates how family photographs shape our experiences and identity, while chronicling our stories of movement

Events that occur in the final minutes of the nearly seven-month journey that NASA’s Perseverance rover takes to Mars.

The Mars Perseverance Rover will give us the most complete picture of the Red Planet to date as we consider the big question—was there ever life on Mars?

Sockeye salmon, female on the left and male on the right, in the nest preparing to spawn.

The annual upstream salmon migration is an incredible journey of power and endurance as these tenacious fish navigate one of the most taxing periods of their lives

A red admiral butterfly.

A look at the migratory patterns of butterflies, flies, and dragonflies

Interior perspective of The Evidence Room with models of Auschwitz gas column and gas-tight hatch, plaster casts and model of gas-tight door.

An interview with architect Robert Jan Van Pelt on how Auschwitz was constructed to be a death camp

Archival photograph and archival text printed on backlit fabric panel.

How museum are rethinking and rewriting the stories of their collections

Three archaeologists working in a valley.

Rethinking the spread of early civilization in the Andes

Red crossbill.

The nomadic winter finches are irruptive migrants who plan their travels based on food supply

A porcelain vase with brown stripes.

A porcelain vase in the ROM’s collections tells a darker story of how the concentration camp system in Germany used forced labour to produce decorative objects for the Nazi party

Painting of a resident from a BC internment camp and kimono-clad women from a 19th century ukiyo-e print.

A new ROM painting, by Japanese-Canadian artist Norman Kiyomitsu Takeuchi, focuses on how identity is shaped by experience

Treaty Beer can.

An object in the ROM’s collections calls attention to the rejection of Wisconsin Ojibwe treaty rights and highlights how a beer can became a symbol of intolerance

Acrylic painting on canvas.

How do our stories shape our artistic expression? Walter Toshiyuki Sunahara’s visually striking paintings contemplate his childhood memories of internment in the remote interior of British Columbia during the Second World War

ROM Michael Lee-Chin Crystal.

ROM Trustee Rita Shelton Deverell on the leading role museums can play in an informed future

Like many of today’s millennials, adolescent Sabre-Toothed Cats stayed with family longer than expected

Birds with tags in ROM collection.

From deciphering genomes to studying the rate at which different species evolve, our ornithology collections are essential to informing new scientific research

Close-up of mummy of Chantress of Amun, Nefer-Mut.

How ongoing research is pushing the boundaries of Mummy Studies and teaching us about the lives of these ambassadors from the past

The newest exhibition at the ROM provides unique insights into the lives, mummification, and deaths of ancient Egyptians

A look at the extraordinary creativity and ingenuity across the region