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ROM Magazine features an engaging, in-depth look into the Museum’s exhibitions, research, and collections. Highlighting world-leading scholarship, new initiatives, and recent acquisitions, the magazine brings to life some of the Museum’s most exciting and fascinating stories.

The Reed Family Plaza.

Regular updates on what’s blooming and who’s visiting

The Reed Family Plaza.

Regular updates on what’s blooming and who’s visiting

Lamba Marevaka (“Cloth of Dazzling Colour”).

The ROM acquires a contemporary silk mantle from Madagascar

The fon of Bamessing and the fon of Babungo.

For the people of Cameroon’s Grassfields, porcupine quills have long represented political and spiritual authority

Moccasins with quilled Thunderbird; hide decorated with dyed porcupine quills.

Ornate traditional quillwork adorns these Blackfoot moccasins

Painting of three figures in a garden.

A closer look at how the Little Ice Age spurred a plant-based theology that manifested itself in paintings

Bryce Kanbara.

Q&A: Artist, curator, gallery proprietor Bryce Kanbara discusses winning the Governor General’s award in Visual and Media Arts and community representation in artistic practices

Earthenware bowl with hand moulded figures, painted in coloured slips under a transparent glaze.

Marking the Persian New Year with food and festivities

Blue chintz fabric with gold pattern.

The contemporary search for sustainable cotton, colour, and design

Elias Sime.

Contemporary artist Elias Sime on staying human in an increasingly technological world

Three healthy southern right whales next to a North Atlantic right whale in visibly poorer body condition.

Named literally as the “right” type of whale to hunt, the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale is at risk of extinction

Tightrope in Boxes.

A closer look at Elias Sime’s Tightrope

An array of mannequins on a table wearing face masks.

The ROM’s newest collection highlights how facemasks have become symbols of social, economic, and artistic expression

A Viking ship sailing before the Toronto skyline.

Norse arrival in Canada was the culmination of many decades of western expansion driven by a thirst for land and profit

Seated portrait of a young man with a medal, silver gelatin glass plate negative.

A collection of images captures the visible migrant Indian community along with the social isolation caused by British temporary migration policies

Magic Carpet, Go Home (Invisibility in practice), edition 7 of 10. Acrylic gold India ink, watercolour, pencil, paper.

Winnipeg-born artist Divya Mehra’s work observes the stark contrast between the consumption of foreign culture and the rejection of foreigners

Deepali Dewan with her dog Tipsy on a wicker garden chair.

ROM Curator Deepali Dewan contemplates how family photographs shape our experiences and identity, while chronicling our stories of movement

Events that occur in the final minutes of the nearly seven-month journey that NASA’s Perseverance rover takes to Mars.

The Mars Perseverance Rover will give us the most complete picture of the Red Planet to date as we consider the big question—was there ever life on Mars?