ROM Leadership

ROM Trustees

Royal Ontario Museum is an agency of the Government of Ontario. The Board of Trustees is the governing authority for the Museum, responsible for its policies, its operational continuity and the collections and other assets which the Museum holds in trust for the people of Ontario.

The board consists of 21 Trustees - 15 are appointed, two are ex-officio members and four are elected by ROM members. The provincial government makes appointments through the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

Trustees are volunteers who are dedicated to public service and the ROM’s well-being and long-term stability.

  • Robert Chant headshotRobert Chant, Chair
  • Louise Moore, Vice Chair
    Principal, Canton Advisory Services
  • alan_smith_2.jpgAlan Smith, Vice Chair
  • brianastl2.jpgBrian Astl
    President, Lind Equipment Ltd.
  • jennifer_bell.jpgJennifer Bell
    Vice President, Communications for High Liner Foods
  • michael_coates.jpgMike Coates
    Executive Chairman, Rubicon Strategy Inc.
  • Robert Cooper headshotRobert D. Cooper
    Senior Executive Strategist, Business Solutions Consulting
  • Mitch Gascoyne PictureMitch Gascoyne
    Partner and Senior Vice President, Development, CentreCourt
  • meric-gertler-toronto.jpgMeric Gertler
    Ex-officio, President, University of Toronto
  • Doug Gibson.
    Doug Gibson
  • Matthew Gibson headshotMatthew Gibson
    Senior Vice-President and National Sector Lead, Energy + Industrials, Hill + Knowlton Strategies
  • img_5911_cropped.jpeg
    Stacey Jack
  • Hanoz Kapadia headshot
    Hanoz Kapadia
    Managing Partner, Kapadia & Associates
  • Anna Kennedy headshotAnna Kennedy
    Ex-officio, Governing Council, University of Toronto
  • bianca_roth.jpgBianca Roth
    Chief Executive Officer, North Edge Properties Ltd.
  • jaclynseidman.jpgJaclyn Seidman
    Partner, Goodmans LLP
  • Virginia Van Vliet headshotVirginia Van Vliet

ROM Executive Leadership Team

ROM Executive Leadership Team oversees all aspects of Museum work, from collections management to finances to visitor services. They ensure that the ROM is managed according to the Museum's mission and objectives, Board policy and the accepted standards of the larger museum community.

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  • Headshot of Josh BassechesJosh Basseches
    Director & CEO
  • Photo coming soon for Joe AschaiekJoe Aschaiek
    Deputy Director & Chief Financial Officer
  • sue_fruchter.jpgSusan Fruchter
    Deputy Director for Museum Operations & Chief Operating Officer
  • Valerie Huaco headshotValerie Huaco
    Deputy Director, Collections & Research and Chief Innovation Officer
  • czajkowski_jennifer_2015.a_2.jpgJennifer Wild
    Deputy Director, Engagement
  • manuelita_cherizard.jpgManuelita Cherizard
    Chief Human Resources Officer
  • alexis_easton.jpgAlexis Easton
    Chief Public Affairs Officer & Board Secretary
  • david_evans_1_0.jpgDavid Evans
    Co-Chief Curator, Natural History
  • Brian McCradyBrian McCrady,
    Chief Facilities Officer, Capital Development & Facilities
  • Shyam OberoiShyam Oberoi
    Chief Digital Officer
  • cshen_rom2013_13569_2.jpgChen Shen
    Co-Chief Curator, Art & Culture
  • Sally TindalSally Tindal
    Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

ROM Governors Executive Leadership Team

  • Steven PresserSteven Presser
    Executive Vice President, Philanthropy
  • Sandy Wilson Sandy Wilson
    Executive Vice President, Operations
  • Caitlin CoullCaitlin Coull
    Vice President, Communications
  • Sara Zerehi Sara Zerehi 
    Vice President, Community, Corporate and Foundation Partnerships
  • Christie KirchnerChristie Kirchner
    Executive Director, Priorities, Planning and Integration

ROM Governors

ROM Board of Governors is a federally incorporated private sector Board, responsible for the ROM’s long-term financial health and for the growth and management of its financial assets (endowments, capital and flow-through funds).

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Honorary Governors

Heritage Governors are a select group of senior volunteers with extensive records of service and support of the Museum. They advance the objectives of the Royal Ontario Museum acting as important advocates and ambassadors for the Museum’s mission and programs.

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Honorary Trustees

Honorary Trustee is a title conferred upon previous Board of Trustee members who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to ROM and who continue to support the Museum’s purpose.

Ella (Yeti) Agnew
Mohammad Al Zaibak
Elyse Allan
Maurice F. Anderson
Salvatore (Sal) M. Badali
Lawrence S. Bloomberg
Stephen W. Bowman
Gerald E. Boyce
Sally Brenzel
Martin Brodigan
Bonnie Brooks, C.M.
Donald R. Brown, Q.C.
Ann Cameron
Janet Carding
Neera Chopra
Francis Chou Allen B. Clarke
Jack Cockwell, C.M.
Susan E. Crocker
David De Abreu
Rita Shelton Deverell, C.M.
Alicia Dubois
Ann Dumyn
Martha Durdin
Hon. Nicole Eaton
Andrew Faas
Lloyd S. Fogler
Robert T. Gillespie
Ron Graham
Hamlin Grange
Paul Haggis
Eve Hampson
Patricia Harris
Martha J. Hogarth
Deanna Horton
Rodger E. Inglis
Christopher W. Jamroz
Peter S. Janson
Maureen Jensen
Thomas E. Kierans, O.C.
Won Kim
Bronwyn Krog
Stanley P. Kwan
Sandra D. Lawrence
Michael A. Levine
Anne Y. Lindsey
Elsie Lo
Susanne Loewen
Stephens B. Lowden
Leila J. MacKenzie
Ian Madell
Bahadur Madhani
Mme. A. Martin
Brenda J. McCutcheon
Elizabeth McLuhan
John McNeill
Alan C. Middleton
Barbara Milstein
David Mirvish
Liz Mitchell
Dixie Anne Montgomery
Kevin Morris
Hari Panday
Jack Petch
Marilyn L. Pilkington
John F. Prato
Edison J. Quick
Joan R. Randall
Jean M. Read
Wendy Rebanks
Flavia C. Redelmeier
Nita Reed
Julie Rekai Rickerd
Elaine Roper
Dr. Colin F. Saldanha
Warren S. Seyffert
Ray Sharma
Keith Spence
Barbara Stymiest
William Thorsell
Atul Tiwari
Sara Vered
Frederic Waks
Harriet Walker
Richard S. Wernham
Reginald Wheeler
Carol Wilding
Tim Wilson
David J. Winfield
Judith Wolfson