Make your own Mummy

Make Your Own Mummy!

For this project you will need:

  • Plasticene
  • Plaster of paris bandages
  • Paint (acrylic will work best -- BUT it doesn't wash off, so be careful)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Scissors
  • The right attitude

Step 1

Form the body of the mummy.

  • Take a lump of plasticene or modeling clay and work it between your hands until it becomes soft.
  • Mold the lump into a mummy's body shape.

Step 2

Create head piece and arms

  • Fashion a headress and arms for your mummy.
  • Don't worry about fine details, they will be covered up later by plaster anyway.

Step 3

Attach headpiece and arms to body.

  • Add the arms and headress to the body.
  • Smooth them on using your fingers and thumb.

Step 4

Completed mummy

  • The complete body will be the form for your mummy case.

Step 5

Cover the mold with plaster.

  • Take the plaster of paris bandages and cut them into strips.
  • Make them a size you can handle easily.
  • Plan how you want to wrap a mummy.
  • You might want to start at the feet.

Step 6

Wrap strips coated with plaster around the mold forming around each detail

  • Dampen the strips in water and carefully wrap your mummy. Do this part fairly fast because the plaster can set quickly. Smooth the plaster with your fingers.
  • Make sure you wipe your hands with a disposable cloth before you wash them.
  • Do not throw unused material down the sink.
  • If this stuff gets in your drains you'll make your plumber very wealthy.

Step 7

Bring the mummy to life and give it a face.

  • When painting your mummy you might find it helpful to look at some mummy pictures from books or magazines.
  • Here we painted the headress gold first, let it dry, and applied the black paint afterwards for detail.

Step 8

Finsh by painting the rest of the mummy.

  • This is our finished mummy. It looks a lot like a shawabti figure, a magical statuette that Egyptians had buried with them. They believed that the shawabti would act as a servant for them in the afterlife.
  • Shawabtis usually had the deceased 's name written on them in hieroglyphics. Find out how to spell your name in hierogyphics.