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Name Title Department
Anu Liivandi Assistant Curator (Textiles & Fashions) World Cultures
Burton Lim Assistant Curator of Mammalogy Natural History
Laura Lipcsei Senior Conservator, Ceramics, Stone and Glass Conservation
Kenneth Lister Assistant Curator of Anthropology (Arctic, Subarctic, Great Lakes, Northwest Coast, Paul Kane collection) World Cultures
Robert Little Curator, Mona Campbell Curatorship of Decorative Arts World Cultures
Hernán López-Fernández Ichthyology Curator Natural History
Marianne Mader Managing Director, Centres for Earth & Space/ Fossils & Evolution
Amleet Mangat Associate Project Manager Adult Programs
Simona Margaritescu Mycology Technician Natural History
Robert Mason Archaeological Scientist, Database Technican World Cultures