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Winter: Dig This! (Ages 6-7)

Slab of labradorite showing colour zoning, light grey background

Dig into the natural world and ancient history and discover what buried treasures lie below us! From the prehistoric fossils that line our Museum to the natural resources that fuel our homes to the ancient cities that mystify us, our Earth is filled with amazing wonders just waiting to be uncovered. Explore, examine, and experiment your way to a better understanding of where our world came from, where it’s going, and how we can preserve it!

Meet the Instructor!

Meet your instructor, Andrew Watts!

  • Andrew Watts has over 10 years of experience as a professional educator at the ROM (and elsewhere Peel School Board, George Brown College). His formative years spent volunteering and working at the ROM  encouraged him to complete his history degree and masters in education. He currently works as a Museum Teacher and Communications Professor where he passionately combines both skills to engage others and critically reflect about museum galleries, artefacts and the world today.

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Andrew Watts