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Bringing the Streets to Life: ROM Walk- Amanda Hunter

authored by Amanda Hunter I am usually on my way from “A to B,” concerned with the destination and too busy for the journey. Like all young Torontonians I happen to have an incredible ability for spontaneity; when extra time shows its face we take it before it’s too late. Sunday afternoon led

ROM Walk: Queen’s Park Circle

By Bruce Salvatore, ROM Walks, Department of Museum Volunteers Queen’s Park, located in central Toronto, was opened in 1860 and dedicated by the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) to his mother, Queen Victoria. Brimming with history, this ROM walk uncovers the controversy that surrounded awa

A Moon Walk at the ROM

It’s an elite group of people that have walked on the moon, but this weekend you will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share the experience with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin (or at least the image of them – Neil is reflected in Buzz’s space helmet).  Space Weekend, May 5 – 6

ROM Walk: Sculpture and the City

By Valerie Fairclough, ROMwalks volunteer Like the TV show of a similar title, a walk around city streets can be both exciting, stimulating and entertaining.  You never know what you might find nestling there, waiting to be noticed and appreciated!  There are over 600 works of so-called “public

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Here for ROM for the Holidays, it’s the long-awaited return of the Earth Rangers Studio Winter Wonderland in Life in Crisis: the Schad Gallery of Biodiversity! A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight... (It took so long to hand-paint all these trees! My wrist hurt for ages.) For the past

Walking a half-Marathon as the Herculaneum soldier

Walking a half-Marathon as the Herculaneum soldier

Probably on October 24th in 79 AD a large group of people congregated on the beach at the seaside town of Herculaneum, in Italy. They were presumably trying to take ship to gain distance from Mount Vesuvius, which had been raining ash and rocks on the city, and the neighbouring town of Pompeii, all

Phil Currie, the legend, my hero, is coming to the ROM!

One of the greatest experiences of my life occurred when I was just 7 years old. My mom took me for a week-long adventure to Alberta to visit Drumheller and the Badlands. The Badlands is an incredibly special place – the way only a barren, rocky and sandy place could be. Not only is it one

The ROM gets a new Roof

The ROM gets a new Roof

Walking past the ROM these days, you can’t help but notice the scaffolding on  south side of the Queens Park wing, or the safety barriers on the roof. After eighty years of service, the familiar green copper roof is being replaced. If you take a look at the roof through the ROM’s web cam, you

Keaton Smith's ROM Inspiration

Keaton Smith's ROM Inspiration

This is a guest blog post by Keaton Smith, published by Jesika Arseneau. Discover the exciting ROM visit that sparked 11-year-old author Keaton Smith's prize-winning story "The Power"! Inspired by a behind-the-scenes visit to the ROM, Keaton's story won the 2013 Small Print

ROM Selfie Guide

ROM Selfie Guide

1. Mimicking a statue can be fun. Look closely at the statue to make sure you get it right. 2. When attempting to take a selfie with a dinosaur, please ensure the dinosaur is actually in the shot. 3. We know a good selfie is important, but please do not interrupt other visitors to get your shot. 4.