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David Evans: Palaeontologist. Educator. Model?

David Evans is our latest feature palaeontologist for Dino Days! Meet him Sunday November 25th, but get to know him HERE! So get ready, let’s talk about David Evans! David Evans, so chill, he's not even fazed by the dinosaurs fighting behind him. THE PALAEONTOLOGIST David is a busy guy.

Meet the Ultimate Dino Team: David Evans

“I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else,” said Pablo Picasso. We’re sure Dr. David Evans can agree that the same is true when it comes to building an exhibition. Ultimate Dinosaurs has been years in the making, and it all started with and idea from the ROM’s youngest curato

The Evans Connection Part 1: The Minoans Discovered

I pick up the story of the Ivory ‘Minoan’ Goddess to discuss why the ROM, or indeed anyone, believed that the figurine was genuine (or why she was created, if she is fake). In essence, this was based on the opinion of one man, Sir Arthur Evans (as I explain in an earlier post), but to

The Evans Connection Part 2: The Minoans Created

I continue the story which I began in my previous post – Part1: The Minoans Discovered – to show how the British archeologist, Sir Arthur Evans, made his own particular interpretation of the ancient Minoan civilization so popular, and what consequences this popularity was to have. Read More 

LIVE: David Hockney in Conversation with Charlie Scheips

Keeps your eyes here. At 7 pm we’ll be chatting with David Hockney about his drawings on the iPhone and iPad. October 21 2:35. pm A big apology to everyone who was following our Live Blog of David Hockney in conversation iwth Charlie Scheips.  We experienced some technical difficulties that

My journey with Sir David Attenborough

My journey with Sir David Attenborough

For more information about the documentary, click here. For more information about the Burgess Shale click here, and for more information about the Gallery of Early Life and how you can help us, click here. THE JOURNEY Filming started October 1st 2009. Sir David Attenborough used a helicopter to

National Volunteer Week: David Grafstein

National Volunteer Week: David Grafstein

National Volunteer Week (April 6-12, 2014) is a time to recognize, celebrate and thank Canada’s 13.3 million volunteers. Volunteers play an essential role in any organizational plan-- The willingness of individuals to work keenly in a collaborative environment for the betterment of their

David Krause & our FINAL Dinosaur Day!

Just like the non-avian dinosaurs, our Dino Days have come to an end. This Saturday December 8th, marks our last Dinosaur Day of the 2012 season. Majungasaurus  trying to take flight. #forevertrying It’s been a remarkable pleasure to bring world leading palaeontologists out of their work in the

ROM Research Colloquium: David Rudkin

ROM Research Colloquium: David Rudkin

Name: Dave Rudkin Title: Assistant Curator of Invertebrate Palaeontology On February 8th from 9:15am to 6:30pm ROM experts deliver fascinating 15-minute presentations on the latest research in the arts, archaeology and pure and applied sciences. Free (Museum admission not included). Signy &

Summerasaurs Interactive: Ask a Palaeontologist

Dr. David Evans on-site in southern Alberta Want to know how palaeontologists discover new dinosaur species? How about finding about what it takes to get a dinosaur out of the ground and into the lab? Any other questions about hunting dinosaurs? Get the answers Wednesday, August 10 at 1:00 pm. Join