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ROM Goddesses on display for Archaeology Weekend

As part of A rchaeology Weekend on April 14 and 15 we will be putting on a small display of objects from out of the ROM’s vaults.  We are calling it Treasures of the Danube: Enigmatic Objects from Balkan Prehistory. One case will be of figurines from the Vinča culture (circa 5,500 and 4,500

Meet an Archaeologist: Kay Sunahara

Providing scale for some very large ancient Maya storage jars, Actun Chechem Ha, Belize. Image: Holley Moyes In celebration of Archaeology Weekend on April 14 and 15, we have interviewed a few ROM archaeologists. Dr. Kay Sunahara works in Belize and other parts of Central America, researching

Archaeology Weekend: Meet your Museum Heroes!

I can’t wait for Archaeology Weekend (April 14 – 15). It’s REALLY going to be special. BUT! Before we get there, let me tell you a story! One of the most vivid memories I have from my childhood experiences visiting the ROM involved interacting with actual professionals who brought the cool

PROM: Circus

On Saturday, March 31, the Young Patrons’ Circle (YPC) hosted the seventh annual PROM at the ROM fundraising bash. This year’s creative circus theme was a three-ring success – and a record-breaking PROM with over 900 guests in attendance! Hundreds of big top beauties and carnival cuties

“What is it with you gringos and 2012?”

Dr. Anthony Aveni uses what we have learned about the Maya calendar and what we know about astronomy to debunk irrational predictions about the year 2012 The question above was asked of Colgate University professor Dr. Anthony Aveni, one of the pioneers in the field of archaeoastronomy (the study

“A Rolling Stone Gathers no Moss” but the stories they can tell…

Submitted by Vincent Vertolli, Assistant Curator Geology In September of 1959 Dr. Walter Tovell, Curator of Geology was contacted by the operators of a limestone quarry to find out whether the ROM would be interested in a very unusual boulder they found. Normally when a geologist hears of a

A Magical Place named Wide Waters

On a chilly February evening, Dr. David Stuart of the University of Texas at Austin shared his enthusiasm for the Maya site of Palenque, and took the ROM audience to a very different time and place. His lecture, entitled Palenque: The Art and History of an Ancient Maya Court, covered several

On the GO with the Maya High Priest

This morning, the ROM’s Maya High Priest hopped on the GO-Train giving commuters a surprise welcome with their morning coffees.  Promoting the final days of Maya: Secrets of their Ancient World before it closes on April 9, 2012, this was a fun event for everyone (and a chilly one for the our

Biodiversity Series wins award!

Last week, the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects recognized the City of Toronto Biodiversity Series of booklets with their Service to the Environment award. The award is “In recognition of the recipient’s ongoing contribution in supporting sensitive, sustainable stewardship of the

Does a mild winter mean more insects?

Given our warmer-than-average winter this year, ROM entomologists have fielded numerous enquiries about whether mild winter temperatures will result in more bugs this spring and summer. Unfortunately, there is no simple “yes” or “no” answer to this question  — the best response is “It