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Life in Toronto – Rouge Bioblitz 2012

submitted by the ROM Bioblitz Team The term BioBlitz has been floating around since the late 1990’s. It was popularized by the US National Park Service and in 1998 by famous Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson.  A BioBlitz is a survey of all life within a given area during an intense 24hr period.

Discoveries at Harvard – ROM expertise at work

This week I am in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Harvard Art Museums  here are rebuilding, and planning new galleries, and have also acquired a new collection of pottery from the Middle East.  So they have flown me down here for the week on an all-expenses-paid visit, to look at their Islamic

Life of an Isis statue, Bequest Sir Robert Mond, ROM

Submitted by: Susan Stock and Franziska Schlicht, ROM Conservation 948.34.41, Seated Isis, was brought to conservation in 1994 for examination and cleaning.  It was clear that the head had been over-cleaned and the body was over-restored.  The previous restoration had left the sculpture

Discovering Hidden Treasures in the heart of Toronto

Getting to and from work and home can be hectic.  Most of us use TTC or drive, and in doing so we miss much of what cyclists or pedestrians see clearly every day.  Did you know, for example, that a herd of “bunny dogs” romp on the boulevard at Wellington and John?  Or that Glenn Gould is

A rare ‘dragon’ found….

Sometimes, there are really extraordinary stories that are uncovered in our day to day studies; this particular one was submitted by Dr. Henry Frania, an Entomology research associate at the ROM. The first ROM curator of Entomology was Edmund M. Walker, who was a leading expert on dragonflies and

Marla Mossman and her Peace Caravan Journey along the Silk Road: Afghanistan

On a recent trip to New York City, ICC Managing Director Francisco Alvarez met with artist Marla Mossman. While gallery hopping and deep conversations over sushi, Marla shared the details of her very intriguing current art project.  Avidly interested in promoting arts and education, Marla began

Fact & Falsehood in Ancient Roman and Greek objects

This coming weekend at the ROM (June 9-10) we will have Ancient Rome and Greece Weekend! There will be re-enactors demonstrating and displaying arms and armour, ROM experts and objects, an archery range with more re-enactors, and a myriad of activities including make a lucky “bulla”, creating

SSSSsss… c-CAW! RrAWR! Animal Weekend is Here!

I used to walk through the halls of my high school (yes, high school – I don’t know what was wrong with me either) making animal noises. Not the normal ones like “moo” and “oink”, but the more obscure ones (I guess it’s the hipster in me). For instance, my impression of the Komodo

Let’s talk about this

The Friends of the Institute for Contemporary Culture are a group of ROM members with an affinity for the ICC and its activities. The ICC seeks to stimulate “diverse audiences to think creatively, understand and change the world,” and when the FICC committee first came together just under a

Ancient Egypt Weekend! OR How a mummy, NOT a dinosaur, got me into teaching.

I started volunteering at the Royal Ontario Museum when I was 14. After a few summers of being a camper at Summer Club, I was old enough to start volunteering. Volunteering at Summer Club turned out to be an incredibly magical experience for me, and eventually led to me to where I am today! One of