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Many Eyes Make Light Work: ROM Field Botany

Submitted by David Baxter As student staff in the ROM Botany Section, my summer work has mostly involved sitting in a basement office updating the plant specimen database, and occasionally working with the herbarium specimens themselves. This last week, however, I’ve been in Montana and

The first Church at York and the War of 1812

Written by Paul Vaculik, ROMwalks volunteer The first Church at York (later renamed to St. James) was built in 1807 by soldiers of the British garrison. The church and its rector, the Reverend Dr. John Strachan, became central to events of the War of 1812. In the April 1813 Battle of York, after

Project Guyana – Expedition Update

Hello, this is Stacey Kerr, an Environmental Visual Communication student at the ROM. “Curator’s Corner: Project Guyana” was a huge success this past weekend, showcasing some of the work done by ROM curators on the biodiversity of Guyana. It also afforded us a quick update from Burton Lim,

ROM Walk: Sculpture and the City

By Valerie Fairclough, ROMwalks volunteer Like the TV show of a similar title, a walk around city streets can be both exciting, stimulating and entertaining.  You never know what you might find nestling there, waiting to be noticed and appreciated!  There are over 600 works of so-called “public

Great Collections Make Great Museums: Constantinian Era Pendant

Great Collections Make Great Museums – An ongoing blog describing recent acquisitions added to the Greek, Etruscan, Roman or Byzantine Collections. Gold pendant with silver seal dated to about AD 350. (Museum accession number: 2010.32.1). Acquisition made possible by the generosity of the Louise

Media Preview of Carnival: From Emancipation to Celebration

L-R: Dan Rahimi, Vice President Gallery Development, ROM, Silvia Forni, Anthropology Curator, ROM, Denise Herrera Jackson, CEO, Carnival Festival Management Committee, Jane Nokes, Director, Corporate Archives and Fine Arts, Scotiabank Group A Media Preview was held today at the ROM for the

ROM Walk: Queen’s Park Circle

By Bruce Salvatore, ROM Walks, Department of Museum Volunteers Queen’s Park, located in central Toronto, was opened in 1860 and dedicated by the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) to his mother, Queen Victoria. Brimming with history, this ROM walk uncovers the controversy that surrounded

Diamonds, Design and Science… something for everyone.

While to the casual observer, this is an example of fine made jewellery that sits in the Gem and Gold Gallery, Teck Suite of Galleries: Earth Treasures with other fine made jewellery pieces. As is reflected in the layered design of the brooch, this piece has layers of information and history as

St. James’ Cemetery ROMwalks

St. James’ Cemetery, opened at the corner of Parliament and Bloor Streets in 1844, is the eternal resting place of many of the prominent families of York and Toronto.  Monuments and mausoleums are engraved with the names Jarvis, Ridout, Gooderham, Cawthra, Baldwin and Osler among others. Stories

Historic South Rosedale Artist Studio

Submitted by Regina Virgo, Department of Museum Volunteers On our ROMwalk tour of the western section of South Rosedale, we’ll descend into the Rosedale Ravine via Park Road, originally a corduroy road constructed by Sheriff William Botsford Jarvis to make the trip to Rosedale more convenient and