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I found the Baby Bison and now I’m on my way to Grasslands National Park

By Alexander Muth, winner of the Find the Baby Bison Contest Alexander with brothers Isaac and Leonard. The boys won't see this bird in Grasslands National Park but they did get to see lots of amazing things in their behind-the-scenes tour of the ROM. My name is Alexander Muth.  I just turned

ROM Research: Weighing Giants

by Nicolás Campione, PhD Candidate, University of Toronto Ever wonder how dinosaurs are weighed? Determining the mass of an animal that has been dead for more than 65 million years can be difficult, but knowing the weight of an animal can provide useful information about how it lived. This is

Invertebrate Life in the Ocean: Curator’s Corner

Hello, I’m Claire Healy, Associate Curator of Invertebrate Zoology here at the ROM. It’s almost that time again – Curator’s Corner is gearing up to bring you another opportunity to meet a curator (me!) and learn a bit more about the animals here at the museum, and the delightful organisms

Meet the Ultimate Dino Team: Richard Lahey

Interpretive Planner? What’s that? We caught up with Richard Lahey, ROM Interpretive Planner, to explain his role in the museum world, as well as what he did to help bring the larger-than-life Ultimate Dinosaur exhibition together and some of the interesting things he learned. Can you describe

Many Eyes Make Light Work: ROM Field Botany

Submitted by David Baxter As student staff in the ROM Botany Section, my summer work has mostly involved sitting in a basement office updating the plant specimen database, and occasionally working with the herbarium specimens themselves. This last week, however, I’ve been in Montana and

Meet the Ultimate Dino Team: Matthew Vavrek

Bringing an exhibition to life takes a whole team – especially an exhibition the size and scale of Ultimate Dinosaurs: Giants of Gondwana. To help get this ultimate exhibition up and running the ROM brought it contract curator Matthew Vavrek. We visited Matthew in the palaeo labs, where he

Meet the Ultimate Dino Team: David Evans

“I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else,” said Pablo Picasso. We’re sure Dr. David Evans can agree that the same is true when it comes to building an exhibition. Ultimate Dinosaurs has been years in the making, and it all started with and idea from the ROM’s youngest

The first Church at York and the War of 1812

Written by Paul Vaculik, ROMwalks volunteer The first Church at York (later renamed to St. James) was built in 1807 by soldiers of the British garrison. The church and its rector, the Reverend Dr. John Strachan, became central to events of the War of 1812. In the April 1813 Battle of York, after

Project Guyana – Expedition Update

Hello, this is Stacey Kerr, an Environmental Visual Communication student at the ROM. “Curator’s Corner: Project Guyana” was a huge success this past weekend, showcasing some of the work done by ROM curators on the biodiversity of Guyana. It also afforded us a quick update from Burton Lim,

ROM Walk: Sculpture and the City

By Valerie Fairclough, ROMwalks volunteer Like the TV show of a similar title, a walk around city streets can be both exciting, stimulating and entertaining.  You never know what you might find nestling there, waiting to be noticed and appreciated!  There are over 600 works of so-called “public