Friends of Textiles and Costume

From 1975 to 1990, the Textile Endowment Fund Committee (TEFCo) existed as an independent associate committee of the Department of Museum Volunteers with the purpose of supporting the ROM’s Textile Department.  It raised money for acquisitions and books. 

In 1996 the Textile and Costume Committee (TEX-CO) began, also as an independent associate committee within the DMV, for the purpose of supporting the Textile and Costume Section.  The efforts of this committee focused on the need for a specific gallery to showcase Textiles and Costume exhibitions. Once this was assured, the focus changed to building the Burnham Brett Endowment Fund for rotating exhibitions in the Textile and Costume gallery in the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal, to help promote greater awareness of the extensive world-wide collection of Textiles and Costumes in the ROM.  Each year TEX-CO presented a fund raising event. 

In 2005 TEX-CO joined with other Friends Groups of the ROM and become known as the Friends of Textiles & Costume (FTC).  FTC has presented many programs and events.  The opening of the Patricia Harris Gallery of Textiles & Costume was a highlight and reinvigorated FTC’s efforts to support ROM’s spectacular collection, and the Textile and Costume Section of the Department of World Cultures, ROM. 

Funding efforts have been successful largely through donations from our Friends.  FTC has made annual donations to the Burnham Brett Endowment Fund for Exhibitions of $6,000 in the past few years. We have also provided funds for essential equipment and for the past three years, an internship to assist the curatorial staff.

Annual Plan

Regardless of the form of the volunteer committees supporting the ROM's Textiles and Costume department, our mandate is to deepen an understanding of the rich, worldwide collections of Textiles and Fashions owned by the ROM through educational programming and special events.

Fall 2015 FTC Newsletter

Ways to support

You can support the initiatives of Friends of Textiles & Costume with a tax receiptable donation. A donation to ROM Friends of Textiles & Costume can be made when you become a ROM Member, renew your membership, or at any time during the calendar year.

As a Friend of Textiles & Costume, you will:

  • Receive two issues of FTC's enhanced newsletter
  • Notification of innovative and exciting programs    
  • The opportunity to meet others who share your interest in Textiles, Fashions and Costumes
  • Enhanced knowledge of the ROM’s collections              
  • Assist n providing support for summer internships, essential equipment and the Burnham Brett Endowment Fund for rotating exhibitions and programs

Consider investing in the FTC Adopt-a-Journal project by purchasing a book, magazine, periodical on an annual basis for the benefit of our curatorial staff, student researchers and ROM Members or as a memorial to honour a friend.

Volunteer Opportunities

Members of the Department of Museum Volunteers (DMV) may apply to sit on the FTC Board on one or more sub-committee.

Committee Executive

Pat Sparrer
Adopt-a-Journal Co-ordinator
Programs & Events/ Publicity

Betty Finnie-Hunt
Secretary/ Past Chair

Tom Lewis

Joan Schiff
Donor Friend Head

Patricia Boulden
Newsletter Coordinator