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About ROMWalks

ROMWalks are guided walking tours of Toronto and are organized by ROM's Department of Museum Volunteers to provide support for the Museum. The tours started in 1980 as an outreach program for the ROM when it was closed for renovations.

The walking tours are scheduled from May to October and encompass the diverse aspects of Toronto's vibrant neighbourhoods including history, architecture, arts of all varieties, education and more.

Free, Plus and Private Group ROMWalks are available to the general public, and Member Exclusive ROMWalks are available to ROM Members.


Free ROMWalks require no registration while Plus ROMWalks require registration and a fee of $10 per person. Both sets of walks are held on Sundays at 2pm and Wednesdays at 6pm.

Member Exclusive ROMWalks are free to ROM members, require registration, and are held on Saturdays.

Private Group ROMWalks are perfect for clubs, community groups, or out-of-town visitors. The walks can be scheduled for any day and time and require a fee of $10 per person with a group minimum of $100.


The 2023 ROMWalks are:

Free: Annex West, Historic Danforth, Kensington, King Street East, Mt.Pleasant 1, Riverdale, Rosedale 2, Sacred Stones and Steeples, and Willowdale and York Cemetery, with each walk held 4 times.

Plus: Monuments in Memory, and Riverside, with each walk held three times.

Member Exclusive: Annex, Grange, and Parkdale, with each walk held twice.

Private Group: choose from all the above scheduled 2023 walks, plus the following walks:

About the ROM, Cabbagetown North, Citadels of Wealth, Heart of Toronto, Jarvis Street, Necropolis, Queen’s Park, St. James Cemetery, Waterfront, and Whiskey Wharf & Windmill.





Registration is not required for Free Walks.
For questions, please contact



For questions, please contact


For ROM MEMBER Exclusive ROMWalks

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