Virtual Exhibition Experience: Colours of Kore

A computer screen displays a Greek statue of a woman with red hair. Text reads Virtual ROM.
  • Grades 3 - 8
  • Ages 6-7, 8-10, 11-14

If you asked your students to imagine travelling down a street in ancient Greece, around 2,000 to 3,000 years ago, what do you think they would picture? White buildings and white marble statues? We see this all the time in movies and stories about ancient Greece, so that must be what it looked like, right?

The statue of a young, unmarried woman visited ROM in 2022.. It's called a kore (KORE-ay), and it paints a different, more colourful picture of the past. Looking closely at the statue, you can see traces of paint that has faded over time. This shows that these ancient statues weren’t all white; they were actually painted bright colours!

Learning about the colours on Kore 670 invites students to re-think their assumptions about the past, and shows us that ideas we have can change as we learn new information. Being able to change our minds based on new facts we learn is a good skill that can help students better understand the world around them.

The ideas unlocked by Kore 670 invites students to find similar clues in many different ROM galleries, and re-think past assumptions about other objects, cultures, and works of art. Looking at objects through the lens of how humans see themselves, students can compare and contrast changing ideas of the human image through time and around the world.

The exhibition may be gone, but you can still sign up for the self-directed Virtual Experience to gain access to the annotated virtual tour!

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Museum Guidelines

  • Walk. Do not run.
  • Use indoor voices.
  • Stay with your adult.
  • Make way for ROM educators if they need a space for a lesson.
  • Don't touch objects. Only touch objects that are clearly marked as safe to touch.
  • Don’t rush. Focus your time on the objects that capture your interest and complete what you can within the time you have.
  • Ask questions and have fun!

Fast Facts

The colours you see on the statue are the faded remains of ancient paint.

You can find more activities in the Colours of Kore Discovery Book.

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