Service Disruptions

In order to provide a safe and accessible environment, the ROM is committed to letting visitors know about services and features that are available to them. In the event of a service disruption at the ROM, we will immediately address the issue by:

  • Notifying visitors through the Museum website.
  • Updating the switchboard with notifications of the disruption
  • Posting notifications regarding the disruption within the Museum.
  • Ensuring notifications are appropriately located and visible to Museum visitors.
  • Explaining the nature of the disruption and why the service is unavailable.
  • Anticipating the duration of the disruption, and communicating this information to Museum visitors.
  • Providing alternate facilities or services for the duration of the disruption.

See an example of our service disruption notification:

The (NAME/LOCATION) elevators are temporarily unavailable due to regularly scheduled maintenance. Access is available through the (NAME/LOCATION) elevators located at (LOCATION) or via the (ALTERNATE SERVICE MODE) located at (LOCATION).

Elevator service will resume in (DURATION).

Please visit our website or listen to ROM switchboard announcements for updates and information on our maintenance schedule. For additional information please contact 416 586 8000 (Bell Relay Service 711) or visit the ROM website at

We apologize for the inconvenience.


Dear Guest,
Our accessible washrooms are out of service due to a (CAUSE OF DISRUPTION).
A repair crew will be on the premises from (TIME) until (TIME).
Additional accessible washrooms are located at (LOCATION).

We apologize for any inconvenience,
ROM Facility Service