Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Tip Sheet

What is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)?
At its most basic, MCS is a sensitivity to many types of chemicals, which causes physical reactions in multiple organ systems. Sensitivities often occur to diverse chemicals such as perfumes, gasoline, and cleaning products. MCS is also often known as Environmental Illness (EI).

What are the Symptoms of MCS?
MCS can affect people in many different ways. Symptoms are wide ranging, and can mimic allergies, migraines, heart attack, asthma, and may include many other physical reactions.

What Causes Onset of Symptoms?
Onset of symptoms can be caused by exposure to any number of chemicals, including perfume, chemicals used in cleaning, and personal hygiene products. Chemicals which cause reactions may often be at a level so low they are not detectable by a non-sufferer.

How Can ROM Staff Help if You Have MCS?
The ROM is using cleaning products that are scent-free and environmentally friendly to decrease the amount of scents in the building. ROM staff can help by providing you with the names of the least busy galleries, as well as the least busy times of the day and least busy days of the week. Staff can also advise you of which galleries have been recently painted.