Charitable Gift Annuity

The gift that gives back. A charitable gift annuity allows our more senior donors to make an immediate donation of a capital sum to ROM, in return for regular payments at a specified rate for life. The amount of income paid to the annuitant (donor) and the portion that is tax-free depends on the age of the annuitant. Joint life annuities, that provide income for the lifetime of both lives involved, are also available.

It is a safe investment which can offer a significantly higher cash flow return than a GIC. Annuity payments are insured by the Canadian Life and Health Compensation Corporation and can be purchased now while deferring payments to a later date.

Having a portion of your investments in a charitable gift annuity ensures that you receive a stable lifetime income unaffected by fluctuating economic conditions or having to manage your investment.

A charitable gift annuity provides both an immediate and future legacy to ROM. While you are investing to secure the quality of your life, you are also investing in a future of wonder and discovery at ROM.

Your donation may be applied against 100% of your taxable income in the year of death and, to the extent the gift cannot be fully used, it can be used as a deduction for taxes paid in the immediately preceding tax year.

Marian’s Story

Dr. Marian Fowler was a celebrated biographer renowned for her intimate portraits of women of style and substance. She was inspired in particular by ROM’s outstanding international collection of textiles that illustrates transformations in design and manufacturing over 3,000 years. “When I was three years old I was already a ‘fashion freak,’” she says, laughing. “I think it’s in your genes because my grandmother was the same way.” ROM is deeply grateful for two charitable annuities donated in her lifetime, as well as a significant estate gift which will support the Museum for decades to come.