ROM Governors

The Dawn of Life Gallery

Canada and the world are facing serious challenges. The Dawn of Life Gallery will help us today to understand the world we’ll live in tomorrow.
Through its long journey, life evolved, diversified, and faced major crises. What happened in the past literally changed the face of the Earth. By documenting our past, this gallery will shed light on our current biodiversity crisis.

Navigating our collective future on Earth demands a commitment to our past. Enabled by your support, the Dawn of Life Gallery will:
• Display and interpret one of the world’s finest collections of early life fossils
• Engender awe and wonder in the astounding diversity of life on Earth 
• Offer a uniquely Canadian perspective on a global story

A tantalizing preview
Visitors can now catch a glimpse of the future Dawn of Life Gallery! Visit the ROM's second floor for a tantalizing preview of an epic tale that stretches over more than three billion years and spans an ever-changing globe.

This sneak peek animates spectacular fossils slated for the gallery that tell the story of life on Earth—from its earliest simple beginnings to the first dinosaurs. Discover world-renowned Canadian fossil sites, and the key roles that ROM researchers play in revealing the secrets of how life has evolved on our amazing planet.

Be a part of this story!
Never before has such an exciting new gallery project presented itself at the ROM—this is the story of life on Earth. It is a tale that is equally wondrous as it is compelling, as distinctively Canadian as it is globally significant, one of which the ROM is immensely proud to share with the world. But we can’t do it without you! To learn more about the future Dawn of Life Gallery, please contact Susan Horvath, President & CEO, ROM Governors at 416.586.8055 or