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A Legacy in the Making

family photo of June Perry

Balancing family, career and finances can be a rewarding juggling act. As a mother of two young children, June Perry is used to having her hands full. Like many parents, her daily life is full of joy as she watches her kids grow and learn, while balancing the financial responsibilities and pressures inherent with a growing family.

Like most young people, June found it easy to put off thinking about will and estate planning with her demanding schedule. Drafting a will wasn’t a priority until she and her husband had kids. “The hardest part was finding the time to pick up the phone and make an appointment with our lawyer but once we did that, it was incredibly straightforward and easy!” she laughs. “I realized that having a will is the only way to guarantee that your wealth—no matter the size—is preserved in accordance with your wishes. For me, that meant ensuring my children have what they need and making a philanthropic commitment to the causes close to my heart. I think that’s important whether you’re 25 or 55.”

Currently on maternity leave with her newborn son Michael, June is a Senior Development Officer with the ROM Governors and recently joined the ROM’s Currelly Society, a group of individuals that have promised a future gift to benefit the Museum.

“I experience first-hand the groundbreaking research and amazing programming that is being done every day at the ROM,” says June. “With the same mindset that motivated us to set up an RRSP for our retirement and RESPs for our children’s education, including the ROM in my will is part of a long-term plan.”

A lover of art and culture, the ROM has been a source of knowledge and inspiration for most of June’s life. “I value the ROM on so many levels. It’s such an important part of our city and it gives me great joy to know that I have the power to give something back to an organization that has given me so much.”

Join the Currelly Society
Named after the first director of the Royal Ontario Museum of Archaeology and his wife, the Charles Trick and Ada Mary Currelly Society offers members exclusive access to special events, including lectures and luncheons with ROM curators. To learn more about leaving a legacy at the ROM, contact Janice Correa at 416.586.5578 or