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ROMKids Show: The One Where Canada Goes To The Moon

Join Kiron for the ROMKids Show on Tuesday, January 6th at 2:00 pm. Tune in to Instagram Live @ROMtoronto.

This time on the ROMKids Show we take a giant leap and learn about the Moon! Educator Julie Tome joins us to talk about the history of the Moon, the upcoming Lunar Gateway, how Canada is going on a lunar mission, and how space exploration belongs to everyone, no matter your background. Then we’ll dabble in making our own Moon using various painting techniques!


  • paper
  • watercolour paint and brush
  • aluminum foil
Step 1.

1. Trace a circular object like a plate on to your paper to represent your Moon. Then, with light grey paint, fill in the circle. This will give you the base coat of your Moon!

Step 2.

2. To create your stamp for painting on the details, take your aluminium foil and fill in the bottom of a small circular container like a measuring cup. Smash it in to create creases and edges all along the bottom. Gently gather some of the foil in the middle to create a handle for stamping.

Step 3.

3. Starting with lighter colours, and then getting darker, paint the bottom of your stamp, and stamp your page. The creased foil will leave a sort of dappled pattern that will represent all the crater impacts on your Moon. Between each layer of colour, let the previous layer dry, so that the pattern doesn’t blend into the new colour. The appearance of our Moon is based on four billion years of impacts from asteroids, so take your time to add layers upon layers to your painting to get a more authentic lunar look!

Get to Know Kiron

As the ROMKids Coordinator & Camp Director, Kiron is the public face of the Royal Ontario Museum’s family and children’s programs. Kiron started volunteering at the ROM at age 14 and has never looked back. Though he majored in history at York University, Kiron also considers his early years as a ROMKids camper to be a highly formative part of his education. Now, he strives to provide engaging and educational kids’ programming so that future generations can look back on their ROM experiences as fondly as he has. 

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Authored by: Kait Sykes

Authored by: Kait Sykes