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ROMKids Show: The One About Citizen Science

Tune in every Tuesday at 2 pm on Instagram Live as ROM Kids Coordinator and Camp Director Kiron Mukherjee combines his passion for children’s education with storytelling to bring to life science, history and art for you and your loved ones in the comfort of your own home. Kiron will share activities, easy at-home crafts, behind the scenes anecdotes and fun facts—all connected to the ROM collections. 

This time on the ROMKids Show we get ready to enjoy the final days of summer! First we’ll learn about a few of the animals that migrate to southern Ontario for the summer. Then we’ll make our own bird from house hold materials. Finally, we’ll flex our scientific curiosity and learn just what is citizen science, and how all of us, even kids, can get involved!


  • 1 large piece of paper towel
  • washable markers
  • water and brush
  • toilet paper tube
  • glue or tape
Coloured paper towel.

1. Colour your paper towel any way you like with your washable markers. It can be patches of colours, or designs, just leave some space between patch, to allow the colours to bleed together later. 

Painting coloured paper towel.

2. Next take your brush, dip it in the water as if it were paint, and then brush all over your paper towel. The colours from your washable markers will start to lift from the towel and bleed into each other, giving you a watercolour masterpiece. 

Place aside and let dry. 

Coloured toilet paper tube.

3. Grab your toilet paper tube and cut two strips of a centimetre thick each. This can be tricky so take your time and ask an adult if you need help. 

One of the strips will become your beak. Keep it full to have a big beak, or cut it down to make a smaller beak.

Your second strip will become your feet. Cut your strip in half, and cut your feet to size and style.

4. Decorate your bird as you see fit! Feel free to use other materials you have around your home. Instead of drawing your eyes, maybe use googly eyes!

5. Now it’s time to attach your beak and feet. Hot glue will work best, but tape will also work!

Unfolded paper towel wings.

6. By now your wings should be dry. Fold them in half and cut from the middle out to get your wing shape. Unfold your wings and they should have the same wing shape on both sides. 

Kiron Mukherjee.

7. Now attach them to the body with tape or glue.

And there you have it! Your very own paper towel bird!

Get to Know Kiron

As the ROMKids Coordinator & Camp Director, Kiron is the public face of the Royal Ontario Museum’s family and children’s programs. Kiron started volunteering at the ROM at age 14 and has never looked back. Though he majored in history at York University, Kiron also considers his early years as a ROMKids camper to be a highly formative part of his education. Now, he strives to provide engaging and educational kids’ programming so that future generations can look back on their ROM experiences as fondly as he has. 

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Authored by: Kait Sykes

Authored by: Kait Sykes