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ROM Connects: Wildlife Photography - Art, Science and Conservation

Join a unique collection of wildlife photographers as they celebrate their diverse perspectives into their craft. With experiences ranging from award-winning images to photography for personal enjoyment, photographers Audun Rikardsen, Abdulla Moussa, and Daniela Rupolo meet with ROM’s Steven Laurie to discuss how they use their craft to foster an appreciation for the natural world.  

This program will feature a documentary short produced by ROM on Audun Rikarden’s work as both a marine biologist and revolutionary photographer.


Audun Rikardsen is a unique combination: professor of biology and an internationally awarded nature photographer. His photographs have been awarded in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest 13 times, including two firsts. He has also been awarded the Norwegian Award for Excellence in Communication of Science. Several of his stories have been published in magazines like including National Geographic, GEO and BBC Magazine, and have been shown in Norwegian and international TV documentaries. Rikardsen served on the jury for the 2022-23 Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. 

Daniela Rupolo is a Video Producer at ROM. A graduate of both the University of Toronto and Sheridan College, she began her career at CBC Toronto. A passionate visualist with credentials in New Media Journalism, she has been shooting and editing since she was a teenager, and is passionate about photographer and long-form storytelling to inspire positive change. Her most recent ROM project is the online exhibition highlighting a dynamic series of video stories featuring Ukrainians and their homeland: Ukraine: Identities, Culture and Resilience.

Steven Laurie (moderator)

Abdulla Moussa is a wildlife/conservation photographer based out of the majestic Canadian Rockies. Abdulla enjoys spending as much time as possible outdoors and always walks away with a sense of gratitude and inspiration from his experiences in nature. 

Abdulla’s images attempt to convey the wild spirit of these magnificent creatures in their own natural environments doing so in an ethical manner that minimizes disturbances. All of Abdulla’s images are of wild animals and are created without the use of baiting or calling. Abdulla’s work has been featured in various outlets including in Canadian Geographic both online and in print. 

Abdulla hopes that his images inspire people to reconnect with nature and that his work aids in conservation efforts aimed at preserving it. 

Recorded December 8, 2022