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ROM Ideas: Stories of Research, Innovation, and Learning

Alexandra Palmer and Barbara Klunder 

The history of Canadian textiles and fashions is one of migration, innovation, entrepreneurship and tenacity; and is largely unwritten. Explore the importance of working with living makers and wearers to record their histories and lives lived in fashion, capturing this unique and elusive aspect of Canadian heritage.  

Media, Meaning, and Materiality in the Diasporic Art of P. Mansaram (1934-2020)

Sandrena Raymond and Deepali Dewan 

P.Mansaram is an artist who spent more than 50 years of his career in Canada, where he did not achieve the visibility he deserved during his lifetime.  Inspired by ROM’s extensive collection of his work, we explore his place in the first generation of postcolonial diasporic artists from South Asia who travelled the world, making their mark on contemporary art. 

Money Talks: ROM's Ancient Greek Coin Project

Kate Cooper, Laura Lipcsei & Ben Akrigg 

Explore the international importance of ROM’s Greek coin collection, and the newly launched, federally funded project to study and publish it. Hear about the first details of this collaborative project, and the interdisciplinary research team that is working to bring new attention and focus to the field of ancient coinage.

New Rocks from Space: Growing and Using the ROM's Meteorite Collections

Veronica Di Cecco and Josie Di Maurizio 

Every year the Earth is struck by thousands of meteorites. Discover how ROM is growing Canada’s largest meteorite collection, reinforcing its global reputation as an essential resource for students and researchers to learn about the formation of the Earth, the solar system and hopefully the origin of life. 

Bats in the Belfry (and the Museum)

Burton Lim (ROM), Jane Davidson-Neville (St. Andrew-by-the-Lake Anglican Church) 

Celina Yang (University of Toronto) 

Peek into the secret lives of Toronto’s bats through a project that tracks their comings and goings using high frequency microphones. From Queen’s Park to the Toronto Islands, delve into the nocturnal habits of these city-dwelling critters.