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Laurel, Oak, and Peacock: The Politics of Men's Historical Fashion (2022 Veronika Gervers Program)

Inspired by her work as ROM's 2022 Veronika Gervers Research Fellow, art and fashion historian Brontë Hebdon explores the role men's fashion plays in understanding the politics of the past. Using a single embroidered formal coat from the court of Napoleon in 19th century France, discover the complex ways in which fashion has been, and continues to be, used to communicate social status, political affiliation and power.  

The 2022 Gervers Program highlights the important role ROM collections play in supporting emerging museum and curatorial professionals. In conversation with ROM's Alexandra Palmer, Brontë Hebdon shares her experiences with the Museum’s collection of textiles and costume, and the integral role it plays in her own work 

Recorded November 15, 2022