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Climate Change Literature - Balancing Anxiety and Optimism for Multi-Generational Audiences

Join climate advocate Soren Brothers with Chris Turner (How to be a Climate Optimist) and Mary-Lou Zeitoun (Jamilah at the End of the World) as they explore the use of literature to engage with the impacts of climate change. Hear from the two authors as they discuss the use of their distinct literary formats to support multi-generational families and audiences, how each author chose their format, and what responses they have received from audiences.

This program is offered in partnership with FOLD Kids Book Fest.

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Making a Change on Climate Change with ROM 

FREE IN-PERSON EVENT Climate change can be a scary topic for kids and adults. In this event at the Lester B Pearson Theatre in the Brampton Civic Centre, delivered in partnership with ROM , author Michelle Kadarusman (Berani and Room for More) and Dr. Soren Brothers, Allan and Helaine Shiff Curator of Climate Change, discuss climate change, spotlighting the power we all have in tackling this issue and empowering young people to take an active role in positive change Ages 10+ 



Mary-Lou Zeitoun is an Irish Palestinian Canadian author, essayist (The Globe and Mail, Now Magazine, Elle Magazine) and activist who is a mentor with the Toronto Arts Council's Newcomer and Refugee Artist Mentorship Program. Her first novel 13 (Porcupine's Quill) won the 2008 YA Award at the New England Book Festival. Jamilah at the End of The World (Lorimer) is a comic YA novel that addresses eco-anxiety and the intergenerational refugee experience a from the perspective of Palestinian Toronto teen. 

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Chris Turner is an award-winning author and one of Canada’s leading writers and speakers on climate change solutions and the global energy transition. His bestsellers The Leap and The Geography of Hope were both National Business Book Award finalists. His feature writing has earned nine National Magazine Awards. He lives in Calgary with his wife, Ashley Bristowe, and their two children. 

Recorded November 22, 2022