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Curator Conversations: Aquatic Supervillains of the Great Lakes

Explore the current and upcoming threats to Ontario's freshwater ecosystems by invasive species with Department of Fisheries and Oceans Senior Aquatic Biologist David Marson and ROM's Nathan Lujan.  

Hear why and how these species have the potential to damage Ontario's rivers and lakes beyond repair, and what scientists, government bodies, and ordinary citizens can do to prevent it.  

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David Marson started working with Fisheries and Oceans Canada as a summer student in 2002.  He has worked as both a fisheries technician and biologist during that time.  He has done extensive field sampling using traditional netting gear. Sampling was focused on fish species at risk early in his career, but now the focus of his work is on invasive fishes.  As the field operations lead for DFO’s Asian Carp Program, David supervises a group of biologists, technicians and students in Asian Carp early detection surveillance efforts in the Canadian waters of the Great Lakes basin. 

Recorded August 16, 2022