Game: Pyramid Party

coloured blocks form a pyramid
  • Grades 2 - 12
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Build to the Sun

You are Ra, the God of the Sun. Command your workers to build up the greatest pyramids the world has ever seen, while avoiding the wrath of Sekhmet, the ancient God of War. Select coloured blocks for your workers to move, and line up colours to cement them into place. Play on your own, or challenge an opponent to see who truly rules the day!

The Facts Behind the Game

Pyramids were built in Ancient Egypt and Nubia for almost a thousand years. The Giza pyramids of the Old Kingdom were used as tombs for pharaohs. The exact symbolism of the pyramid is unclear, but some researchers think that it symbolises the mythological island that emerged from the primordial waters in some of the creation myths.  
Pyramids in Egypt were designed by master builders and architects, and built by crews of manual laborers in a system of taxation called corvée labour. Despite the common belief that the pyramids were built by slaves, this is untrue. Managing the enormous labour pool, feeding and housing the labourers was a mammoth task that forced the creation and maintenance of a robust administration in Ancient Egypt.

The ROM Connection

The Galleries of Africa: Egypt at the ROM has many artifacts on display that directly inspired Pyramid Party. In particular, the life-sized statue of the goddess Sekhmet, dating to the reign of Tutankhamun’s grandfather, shows the lioness-headed goddess that was the powerful goddess of destruction. Additionally, there is a scale model of the Step Pyramid of Djoser, as well as tools that would have facilitated the construction of the pyramid and other structures.

What's a Game Jam?

At a ROM Game Jam, teams of developers spend a weekend at the ROM learning from collections and curators and using those ideas to build fun games inspired by the museum.  With only two days to research and create their games, the results can be weird, wacky, and downright wonderful!
Pyramid Party was created by Capy for ROM Game Jam 2013

Game Info

(Please note this game is only playable on a computer and is not optimized for mobile devices.)

To play:

  • Follow the "Go to the game" link and click "available download" to download the zip file
  • Extract the files to a folder on your computer
  • Open the "PyramidPartyV02" folder
  • Open the "bin" folder
  • Open "game.exe"


Pyramid Party start screen a human figure with the head of a falcon stands by small human figures small figures move coloured blocks under the command of Ra a monster destroys coloured blocks coloured blocks form a pyramid