Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Gallery of Rome and the Near East | Level 3

A growing empire. 

The ancient Romans were relentless in expanding their empire, and the Near East was slowly conquered over a period of approximately 200 years. Petra, Palmyra, Judaea, and Seleucid Syria – all became part of the Roman empire during this period.  The treasures in this gallery reveal the urban life and sophisticated culture that flourished under Roman rule. They show the development of styles as western Roman customs incorporate local influences, and come into contact with neighbours even further east through trade and contact along the Silk Road. 

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Over 200 artifacts including jewellery, floor mosaics and figurines are showcased. Look within the gallery for video documentaries and tactile displays offering unique learning experiences for visitors of all ages. 


Roman expansion to the east into the lands of what is present day Syria, Jordan and Israel.


Approximately 64 BC to AD 135.

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