Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Gallery of China | Level 1

One of the world's great civilizations.  

China has witnessed thousands of years of continuous history encompassing well over twenty dynastic periods. Paper, tea, gunpowder, and porcelain are just a few of the significant contributions China has introduced to our world.    Ranked amongst the top ten Chinese collections in the world outside of China, this gallery represents almost 10,000 years of Chinese history. An amazing record of Chinese culture, told through objects of writing, pottery, sculpture, transportation, jewellery, porcelain, furniture and much more, unfolds in a thematic presentation covering prehistoric times up to the 20th century Qing Dynasty. Some artworks are so unique to the ROM, there are none other of their kind on display in the world, not even in China. 

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Over 2,500 exceptional artifacts shed light on Chinese culture through the ages including daily life, religion, politics, economics, and burial customs.   Gallery includes the T.T. Tsui Exhibit of Prehistory and Bronze Age and the Michael C.K. Lo Exhibition of North, South, Sui and Tang which focuses on specific periods of China's development. 




From Prehistory (~10,000 BD) to the 20th century AD.

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