¡Viva México! Clothing and Culture

¡Viva México! Clothing and Culture

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May 9, 2015 to May 23, 2016
  • Level 4, Patricia Harris Gallery of Textiles and Costume


We're taking over an entire gallery to showcase our collection of Mexican textiles. It's one of the largest and most important in the world, yet few textiles from this remarkable collection have ever been displayed.

Vibrant expressions of creativity, the pieces in this exhibition combine remarkable technical skill with exquisite artistry. Over 150 stunning historic and contemporary pieces are on display, including complete costume ensembles, sarapes, rebozos, textiles, embroidery, beadwork and more.

The evolution of Mexican fashion reflects the history of Mexico, where the textile arts reach back over many centuries. After the Spanish Conquest of 1521, European styles influenced the distinctive clothing of the Maya, the Aztec and other great civilizations. Contemporary Mexican textiles owe their vitality to the fusion of traditions. ¡Viva Mexico! celebrates this rich and enduring cultural legacy.

From the iconic to the innovative, ¡Viva México! explodes with colour, regional diversity, and bold Mexican style!


Viva Mexico "Closing Soon" with Chloe Sayer
¡Viva México! Clothing & Culture is on view at the Royal Ontario Museum until May 23, 2016. See it today!

Research for this exhibition has kindly been supported by the ROM's: 

Burnham Brett Endowment Fund
Veronika Gervers Research Fellowship
Kircheis Family Endowment Fund
Gwendolyn Pritchard Fraser Endowment Fund

Authored by: Cheryl Fraser