Ukraine: Identities, Culture and Resilience

Ukraine: Identities, Culture and Resilience
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Modern-day Ukraine, Europe’s second largest country, is only 31 years old. For thousands of years, people have moved through this land to settle, conquer, occupy, or just pass through. This modern state is finding its place in the global arena of western democracies, while attempting to define and preserve its distinct cultures, language, and identities.

In 2019, a team from ROM travelled to Ukraine to interview its people on their perspectives of identity and culture. In this authentic and powerful original series, interviewees reflect upon their own understandings of collective identity, and the experiences that impact their uncertain future. 

Videos will be released bi-weekly. 

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Music - From traditional folk music to the impact of other cultures, Ukrainians reflect on their diverse and thriving music scene.

Arts and Literature - Ukrainians explore how art forms express their cultural identity and serve as vehicles for social change.

Land - Situated on some of the most fertile land in Europe, Ukrainians talk about their land — from its bounty in grain and regional farm production to the 1932-1933 Holodomor famine — and the connection between land, culture, and collective memory.

Food - Ukrainian chef Ievgen Klopotenko shares his mission to revive centuries-old Ukrainian recipes and establish a Ukrainian culinary identity.

2022 - Learn and understand the importance of preserving Ukraine’s cultural heritage and identity.

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Explore the project’s journey with team members Risa Levitt, Myroslav Shkrandrij, Anzhelika Vengrus, and Daniela Rupolo. 

Recorded August 17, 2022