Made in China: Cultural Encounters through Export Art

Made in China: Cultural Encounters through Export Art
  • Closed
September 5, 2015 to September 15, 2016
  • Level 1, Levy Gallery


View Chinese art in a whole new light. This exhibition explores the lasting impact of cultural encounters between Europe and China on an important artistic tradition. While art is often inspired by the surrounding culture and politics, Chinese export art was also influenced by its target audience.

Chinese artists and artisans responded to the growing demand for Chinese export art in Europe during the 18th century by appealing strategically to western taste, and adopting European painting techniques and styles. At the same time, the romanticized view of China portrayed in export art only left Europeans craving more from this imagined and idealized region.  

With artifacts from the ROM’s unique Chinese, European, and Natural History collections, including impressive works on pith, leaves, paper, and porcelain, this exhibition places the globally recognized trademark “Made in China” into historical context. 

Authored by: Cheryl Fraser