Great Whales: Up Close and Personal

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July 16, 2021 to July 3, 2022
  • Level B2, Garfield Weston Exhibition Hall
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In 2017, we shared the incredible journey of Blue, ROM’s beloved blue whale, in Out of the Depths: The Blue Whale Story. The highly successful ROM-original exhibition told the story of nine blue whales that died tragically in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in 2014, and the unprecedented opportunity for research and conservation it presented.

Fast forward four years and we’re going back to the depths. Showcasing ROM’s commitment to Canada’s iconic North Atlantic whales, this exhibition takes the story further and features Blue alongside two new skeletons: the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale and the deep diving sperm whale. With multi-sensory interactives and immersive experiences, Great Whales compares these three unique giants, from their size and diet to their intelligence and evolution, while highlighting the extensive ongoing research and conservation efforts being undertaken to save these mammals from extinction. ROM invites you to dive back in and discover these incredible great whales of Canada's east coast, their complex relationships with humans, and what we can do to save them. 

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Blue Whale exhibition space at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Join Burton Lim in a lively conversation with Bill Schutt on his new book PUMP, which explores the mysteries and wonders of the literal heartbeat of life on earth

Whale swimming in front of a ship.

Join Moira Brown in conversation with Burton Lim and Jacquelline Miller as they explore the threat to North America’s Great Whale populations from encounters with ocean going vessels

Two people measuring a whale on a beach.

Tonya Wimmer of the Marine Animal Response Society discusses the role this organization plays in engaging Canadians in the conservation and welfare of some of Canada’s most iconic marine animals

Three people in the stern of a boat.

Join researcher Asha de Vos in conversation with ROM’s Burton Lim on new research into the blue whale populations in the Indian Ocean

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Join the Canadian Whale Institute’s Mackie Greene in conversation with Mark Engstrom and Mark Peck to discuss whale rescue and conservation centred on the Canadian East Coast.

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Great whales are the largest animals living on Earth today—learn more about all 12 species and the 3 on display in the exhibition

North Atlantic right whale anatomy illustration.

From bulbous foreheads to giant compressible ribcages, we look at how whale skeletons are uniquely adapted for their size

Three healthy southern right whales next to a North Atlantic right whale in visibly poorer body condition.

Named literally as the “right” type of whale to hunt, the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale is at risk of extinction

Oliver Haddrath.

Dive into the fascinating world of whales with ROM’s Oliver Haddrath as he examines a piece of baleen from a blue whale and sheds light on the latest DNA research and genome sequencing being done on the Earth’s largest animal…ever